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Football is an extremely emotional sport. No one likes to lose, even though there has to be one sometimes.

For fans that saw the game between Chelsea and Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday, it must have been another sad day. Of course, it was only a friendly, and not a competition of note, but emotions were already vested, so a loss would never be easily digested. We all expected Chelsea to put up a strong performance, despite whatever odds that could have been against us. But of course, the game didn’t pan out as hoped; however, we can all take it to the chin, knowing that it might do us some good than harm in the long run.

The Community Shield is only a charity event. No club has ever been solely judged based on their performance in such a tie. If anything, it’s a charity event, and an avenue to help teams assess their form and preparedness for the coming campaign post-preseason. And for me, it has helped us realise the frailties in our team.

After our somewhat impressive performances against the teams we took on during pre-season, some of us thought we were ready to get going, and tear all opposition apart, but I’m sure we now know better that there’s work to be done. We have more work to do in our defence and attack. Thankfully, there are a few more days until the English transfer window slams shut, so we can perhaps, bring in the additions we need.

Sarri is still very early in his reign as Chelsea boss, so he cannot be criticised for our showing just yet. His antecedents definitely show he is a very good coach. He will get it right with time as he is trying to change the team’s style of play.

But for now, the building process has to be given time to succeed.  Our priority may not even be to win the league this season, Sarri needs time to build and get his team together. Then, we can proceed from thereon.

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King Jay is a writer/broadcaster with years of experience under his belt. His love affair with Chelsea actually began as a joke, but today, he stands tall as a die-hard blue. What makes him perfect for this blog? He lives for Chelsea FC, in fact, I heard he sat in the middle of a road, and refused to go home after that bitter loss to Barcelona in 2009. Haha.


  1. Amos A. Saylley | August 7, 2018 at 10:07 pm |

    Yes but Chelsea need to get a additional STRIKER to Oliver and give Morata on loan

  2. Chibugo Anele | August 8, 2018 at 11:29 pm |

    Be that as it may, we still need a very good, potent striker, a clinical finisher, an eight yard and 16 yard asassin who can convert a half chance. We are tired of a striker who looses chances as if it were a training match. Though, strikers are hard to come by now, but, lets endeavor to get the likes of Fekir from Lyon that can fit in the position.

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