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The entire World Cup 2018 had most of us thinking our number one player, Eden Hazard wouldn’t return to play for us anymore after the competition, and instead, would try to force a move  to Spain’s Real Madrid. And this was largely due to the comments he was said to have made during the competition in Russia.

Reports had suggested Hazard wanted to leave for another league because it was probably time for him to. Days later, it turned out he wasn’t even serious about it, and his countryman, Thibaut Courtois was. The latter skipped training in a bid to force a move away from Stamford Bridge, and got his wish. Hazard has been with us longer than speculated, and is in the best form of his career.

But of course, as expected, rumuors of his departure seem to be coming up again, and it’s not a surprise to us all because he’s playing good football, and scoring goals. After only 8 games, Hazard has 7 goals in the league, so it’s only natural for interests to start flying around again.

In another interview, the Belgian was quoted to have said he dreams of playing for Real Madrid someday, even though he loves the energy and love at Stamford Bridge. He then said he would sign or not sign a contract for us after further deliberations with his team.

I am not worried the man is interested in a possible move to Spain, but I think it’s worrying that Bruce Buck and the other policy makers at Stamford Bridge are yet to do something about Hazard’s contract situation.

All big players at some point, face this challenge he is facing, but it’s how their club reacts to it that matters. Hazard is presently on a salary of around the £200k-a-week, which is way below what the likes of Alexis Sanchez earn, even though they’re nowhere near his level. Have Chelsea tried to offer him a deal he can’t refuse? I do not know, but I know that we probably wouldn’t be talking about this now if we did.

Hazard is in love with Chelsea, and wants to stay. If he wanted otherwise, he would have left a while ago. Like he said in his latest interview, Chelsea have given him everything, and he knows he’s loved in London, so why trade that for uncertainty? I also know he mentioned the other time he wanted to see how stable the club was before committing, and obviously that is the case at Stamford Bridge now. Players are the happiest they have been in a while, and the team is playing well. If there was ever a time to enter contract talks, it is now.

Bruce Buck and his team need to get to work, and secure the signature of Hazard for another 5 years at least, by offering him a contract he cannot turn down.

Passion and love are big factors in decision making, but I have also discovered that money comes top amongst the factors considered in contract decisions by footballers worldwide.

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King Jay is a writer/broadcaster with years of experience under his belt. His love affair with Chelsea actually began as a joke, but today, he stands tall as a die-hard blue. What makes him perfect for this blog? He lives for Chelsea FC, in fact, I heard he sat in the middle of a road, and refused to go home after that bitter loss to Barcelona in 2009. Haha.