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We have entered a new year, and everyone is buzzing on what the year has to offer. But before we project what’s ahead of us in 2019, wisdom demands we take stock of the previous year and make a comprehensive SWOT Analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities and threat) and then know how to take advantage of that ahead of the new year.

2018 was quite a good year for Chelsea as the Blues won the FA Cup to end the 2017/18 season, and Chelsea have been one of the high flyers in the league this season.

Revealing his thoughts about 2018, Blues legend Pat Nevin wrote in his column for the official Chelsea website: “It is always nice to end the year on a high and the Blues have certainly done just that. After some December wobbles those six points out of six from two tricky away games have made things look a good deal rosier. On top of that the league position has us only two points behind the much-lauded (in comparison to us!) Spurs and five ahead of Arsenal in the battle for the top four, meaning it is certainly a positive time.

“The game at Crystal Palace was a real tester with Roy Hodgson’s men being ultra-defensive for the vast majority of the match, precisely what I dislike seeing from any home side. Roy, as ever, had the good grace to admit his team didn’t deserve even a share of the points. To be fair he had a point when he said that an open game against the Blues could have led to his team being picked off too easily. The ploy worked perfectly well for Palace against Manchester City, but it looks very much like a tactic that will only work once in a blue moon, sorry about that line to any City fans reading this!”

Nevin also revealed how successful Chelsea were on the financial side, which is positive news for the club.

He wrote: “The end of the year also brought rather impressive news in the finances at the club, turning over more than Chelsea have ever done before in any season. This is, of course, important when considering any modifications the manager wants to make to the squad.

“The January transfer window is upon us and there is no doubt in my mind the club has been scouring the football world to add that little extra bit of quality that will fuel-inject the second half of the season.

“The rumours have already started and it is not my intention to be specific, although I know who I would want and in what position I would like there to be a tweak. Every fan will have his or her thoughts on that too, usually involving creation and scoring goals, but the good financial figures are certainly a welcome sign right at this moment when you are looking at the market.

“Having said that, it is a famously difficult time to get good value in the market. It is especially tough when you are one of the big beasts of the Premier league on the prowl, but Chelsea have obviously been pretty intelligent in the previous year.

“The number that jumped out at me from the figures was the £113 million profit on transfers, have a look around at everyone else in the top end of the Premier League and realise how unusual that is. That said, I suspect when the costs of Jorginho and Kepa make it on to the balance sheet it could be a bit more…balanced.”

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