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Despite starting the season brilliantly, Chelsea are now in danger of failing to qualify for Champions League football for the second consecutive season.

The Blues’ 2-0 defeat at Arsenal reduced our gap over fifth-placed Arsenal to just three points.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville believes Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri will be sacked in the next 18 months or two years.

According to Neville, Sarri is already beginning to show traits former Chelsea bosses like Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte showed before they were sacked by the club.

Neville believes Sarri could face a war with his players after calling them out following the loss at Arsenal and that could only shorten the Italian’s spell in charge. 

Speaking on his Sky Sports podcast on Sunday, Neville said: “(Maurizio) Sarri knows he’s going to get sacked at some point in the next 18 months or two years, that’s inevitable at Chelsea.

“He may as well call it how he sees it in the first six months when he’s got a little bit of control. It’s just a dressing room which can turn it on and off like a tap, it’s been able to do that for years.

“Sarri has probably thought he’s an experienced guy, he’s been around the block, and thinks he doesn’t need to take it.

“I have to say normally I would always say it’s not right to call out your players. But we’re going to see more of it, there’s no doubt in the next five or 10 years.

“I think it’ll become the norm, because it’s us or them.”

Speaking in Italian after Chelsea’s loss to Arsenal on Saturday, Sarri said: “I’d prefer to come in here to talk about the tactics, about why we lost from a tactical point of view, but the fact is it appears this group of players is extremely difficult to motivate.

“It seems to me that, as a group of players, they’re not aggressive from a mental point of view.

“They don’t have a ferocity in their mentality. That’s down to their characteristics. It’s difficult to change.”

Danny Mills believes Sarri criticizing his players was a last resort to get a reaction from them after other methods failed.

“It’s a last resort to come out and criticize your players publicly,” said Mills on Sky Sports. “You’ve tried in training, you’ve tried to sort things out, you’ve told them time and time again and they haven’t responded.

“So as a last resort you go ‘okay, maybe if I say to the world they’re not putting a shift in, they may start thinking it’s their attitude or whatever it is, and it might just give them that little bit of extra impetus to go and perform’.

“It’s not quite desperation stakes but it’s not far from it to try and get some sort of reaction.”

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