Chelsea Fans Criticise Willian For His Role In Ross Barkley’s Penalty Miss

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Chelsea star Willian has been criticised by fans for his actions before Ross Barkley’s missed penalty in the 1-0 Champions League loss to Valencia on Tuesday night.

Barkley was forced to fight off teammates Willian and Jorginho to take the penalty.

While Jorginho accepted the decision and wished Barkley well, the same could not be said of Willian, who instead seemed to ramp up the pressure by appearing to insist that he take the penalty.

Willian appeared angered he wasn’t allowed to take the penalty and his anger continued after Barkley missed the penalty.

According to The Sun, some Chelsea fans weren’t happy with Willian.

One fan wrote: “What on Earth is Willian playing at here? Petulant child.

“Should’ve followed Jorginho’s example and actually try to encourage Barkley rather than be a d******* and ramp the pressure up on him.”

Another added: “As much as Barkley’s miss disappointed me. The worst thing about the penalty was Willian’s behaviour. He is a senior player in the squad who should be acting like a leader.

“Both Jorginho and Abraham clearly wanted the penalty yet showed their support for Barkley. Not Willian.”

A third added: “It’s Willian’s fault he missed the bloody thing. Put him under pressure. Not a lot of pressure, but given it’s a penalty to equalize the match, it’s enough pressure to bottle it.”

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  1. Barkley should be blamed. Why should Williams be happy with him, when Barkley showed stubbornness to the senior players. English fans are not just it. They are one sided. Barkley caused us to lose and he should take all the blame.

    Lampard on his own hasn’t been fair with Pullisic. Why will Lampard be playing Perod when Pullisic is fit and skillful. If this continues Lampard might just be shown the exit door.

    Again, Lampard should stop playing Williams, Pedro and Barkley. They are not as good as they were. Maybe 2nd half any of them can come in as sub.

    Chelsea VS Liverpool
    0 3

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