UEFA Rankings That Put Manchester United Ahead Of Chelsea Has Been Slammed

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In the latest UEFA club coefficient rankings released ahead of the start of the new European football season, Manchester United were ranked ahead of Chelsea despite their poor season in Europe and Chelsea’s Europa League triumph.

To make matters even worse, the Blues dropped from 12th to 14th in the rankings despite winning the Europa League.

UEFA’s ranking system has been slammed as outdated by Chelsea official website columnist Giles Smith.

“This ranking is clearly wildly anachronistic and plain wrong by almost any measure you use to assess it. Yet there it is, clear as day,” Smith told Chelsea’s official website.

“UEFA base their calculations on performances in Europe over the last five years, expunging anything earlier than that.

“So, within the UEFA system, the Europe-less season which United endured in 2014-15 now falls off their five-year record. Chelsea’s non-participating season, by contrast, is still in the reckoning.

“So United, who haven’t managed to win a European trophy of any sort since 2017 and who have only won one European competition in 11 years by comparison with our three in the past seven, rise up the chart ahead of the reigning Europa League champions.

“And UEFA wonder why people snort at their operations with derision so much.”

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