How Jorginho’s penalty technique gives him an advantage

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Jorginho’s penalty technique may be risky and unconventional but it gives the Italian international an advantage.

His run-up is always nearly the same with that bounce he makes before hitting the ball.

Jorginho’s technique has been successful as it has enabled him convert 15 of his last 16 attempts (not including those in shootouts).

According to his former boss at Verona Andrea Mandorlini, Jorginho’s technique helps him see the movement of the goalkeeper before hitting the ball.

“I saw that he was very cool and confident,” Mandorlini told Goal.

“He has great technique and always manages to see things before the others. As he reaches the penalty spot, he sees first where the goalkeeper is moving.

“His mentality is always positive. I was the first to believe in Jorginho and I am proud of it. I am glad that he is now making an impact in English football.”

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Matej Delac sees similarities between Eden Hazard’s penalty technique and Jorginho’s.

“It was very difficult against Hazard,” Delac told Goal.

“At the last moment, he used to look at the goalkeeper. He waited for the goalkeeper before taking the last step. It was the same as Jorginho is doing now at Chelsea.

“Most goalkeepers will make a movement already ahead of his step. In that split-second, the penalty-taker will have the time he needs to choose the right side.

“This movement Jorginho makes looks funny but it stops him from missing. It is a good technique for him but it’s a difficult one to master.

“It is down to the pure quality of the player because not everybody has that calmness to take a penalty like that. He just chooses the side at the last second. I find it difficult to guess which he’s going to go.

“If you stay in the middle until the last moment, then he can easily put it in the corner because of the distance. You have that mental game with him.

“But there’s no doubt that he is now the man at Chelsea. He is the best penalty-taker they have.”

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