Chelsea’s project has been compared with Tottenham’s project

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Arsenal legend Lee Dixon has claimed the project of Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham is now “broken” five years into the Argentine’s reign and believes Frank Lampard’s Chelsea project is a proper project.

“Maybe two, three years ago the project that everybody was interested in was Tottenham, because of the new stadium coming up, because of this emerging Pochettino team that was going to take everything by storm,” Dixon said on The Season So Far.

“They perhaps should have won the league that year Leicester won it etc but that was the project everyone was looking at and it had a name – ’The Project’.

“This thing that Frank Lampard’s doing, this is a proper project.

“I think the Tottenham one’s broken, I really do. I don’t think that’s, with what’s going on at Tottenham, I think that’s done and dusted as far as that project’s concerned.

“[Chelsea] is the next one and it’s fascinating because of the restrictions he’s got in the transfer market, the emergence of this new manager in the Premier League, the player he’s got at his disposal.

“They’ve not been the best side to watch over the years when you see the other teams playing, City and Liverpool, but now if there’s a Chelsea game on I’m like ‘well let’s tune in’ because I’m watching something I really enjoy now.

“There’s a style to it, there’s a grace to their play, there’s a bit of steeliness as well.

“So I’m fascinated by the Frank Lampard project, I really am.”

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