Chelsea fan reveals three reasons why Lampard isn’t good enough for Chelsea. Do you agree?

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Despite Chelsea being fourth in the Premier League, Chelsea fan Edirin believes Chelsea boss Frank Lampard isn’t good enough for the job.

Edirin believes Chelsea are lucky to be fourth because Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United have been poor this season. He also insists 41 points out of an available 75 points isn’t acceptable for a club like Chelsea.

Commenting on the post Abramovich urged to sack this Chelsea staff immediately, Edirin wrote on The Real Chelsea Fans: “Frank Lampard simply not good enough to be Chelsea boss, he doesn’t have a clue about the transfer market.

“Secondly, Lampard has been unfair towards the foreign players by constantly preferring the incapable English players to the experienced foreign players.

“Thirdly, Chelsea are in fourth place in the Premier League table with 41 points out of 75, this is simply not acceptable to Chelsea standard. Realistically, Chelsea are just lucky to be in fourth position due to the fact that Tottenham man United Arsenal are very poor this season.”

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5 Comments on "Chelsea fan reveals three reasons why Lampard isn’t good enough for Chelsea. Do you agree?"

  1. Yes his making sense here exepecialy the second point. Lampard need to change that attitude or thinking by playing only Englishman. We are Chelsea FC not England Fc..

  2. Penny Scaife | February 7, 2020 at 11:21 am |

    Yeah right watch this space…didn’t take long to start blaming Frank did it…his respect for the game and hid TEAM will show you.

  3. I hate it when people unnecessarily throw stones of Stupendous blames to others when they aren’t guilty of such blames. Kante , Rudiger, Joginho and many others that gets lots of playing time at Chelsea are not English men, so speaking this way of Lampard’s is highly derogatory and unacceptable. Lampard has never been known to embrace,support nor practice apartheid all through his football life . Chelsea is not in fourth position by nomination or voting. They are there because they worked for it,so whether the other big teams are behind only emphasizes the great work Lampard has done. At this point, I call on all true fans of Chelsea to unanimously condemn this fallacious story on Lampard by writing in support of my correct submission.

  4. Mikel Nebo. You certainly have my support. On top of that united tottenham & arsenal had the advantage of digging into the market where as chelsea served a ban

  5. I kept saying this about Frank….he needs to understand that Chelsea isn’t a championship team…kovacic, jorginho, pulisic ,Kante ,Emerson should be staters …these r grade A players

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