Lampard receives warning from Chelsea board

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According to The Telegraph, Frank Lampard’s position as Chelsea manager will come under increased threat if the Blues fail to finish in the top four this season.

The Blues have won just twice in the Premier League since Christmas Day and have seen our grip on fourth place slip with Tottenham, Sheffield United and Manchester United closing in. Chelsea are now just one point ahead of fifth-placed Tottenham.

The board are reportedly unhappy over Lampard’s management of the team.

The Chelsea hierarchy are surprised Kepa Arrizabalaga was not recalled to the starting line-up for Monday night’s defeat to Manchester United after he was dropped following a series of poor displays.

The board are worried it will be difficult to sell Kepa in the summer if Lampard continues to keep him on the bench.

The Chelsea board are also unimpressed with Lampard’s handling of Olivier Giroud, refusing to play the Frenchman despite Tammy Abraham’s injury and Michy Batshuayi’s poor form.

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23 Comments on "Lampard receives warning from Chelsea board"

  1. Gatliah Yuong | February 19, 2020 at 9:47 am |

    Frank Lampard misleading Chelsea because he defeat three times by Manchester United ,if I were the boss of Chelsea I will sack the Lampard it’s no longer Chelsea coach, Lampard he has nt know the weakness.

  2. Sorry but our board is the laughing stock of the game right now. The logic of going to the COA to get our our ban overturned and do nothing with it was absolutely shocking. Sick and tired of the board sticking their nose in when it comes to team matters. No one expected us to be near the top four with our squad but we are so give Lamps a break you morons and go do what you’re best at which is clearly doing sod all.

  3. Lampard makes too many mistakes will his team selections

  4. Victor D'Souza | February 19, 2020 at 1:37 pm |

    Lampard should had been sacked long ago coz he is just a clueless coach.. How can he bench players like Pedro.. Giroud and the handling of Willian.. Sack him now.. and save Chelsea

  5. Gotta blame the board .
    Lamps has had Very little support from the them .

  6. The board knew the materials they had at the beginning of the season. No recognized “world class” manager would venture to come and handle Chelsea FC. Lampard out of patriotism took over with Academy boys plus few fit senior players. From the beginning, who expected Chelsea to reach top 4 by now? You want to start a new generation of players that would last long for at least another decade like the previous one that were there from 2003/2004.
    Would any reasonable person expect result within a year?
    The problem Lampard and his boys have now is their unexpected steep rise at the beginning of the season. If they had been climbing slowly and steadily, and not yet reach 6th, they wouldn’t have been expecting them to perform magic. In a team where you have at least 6 Academy graduates in every game, playing their first year in EPL,still reaching where they are now! Shouldn’t they be praised and rated excellent?

  7. Francis Odubamowo | February 19, 2020 at 3:16 pm |

    Just give him some time, and give him a little credit aswel because no one expects Chelsea to be in that position now with the calibre of those players. Though he make some mistakes aswel

  8. With the type of managers we have in England, from klop,pep,Jose, Rodgers,anceloti etc lampard can’t finish top 5 this season. He is very clueless coach Chelsea has ever had infact villa Boaz was better. This guy inherited a squad that lifted Europa last season with Giroud being the top scorer today he tells us giroud is not a striker. Lampard should be sacked

    • Giroud was a top scorer largely because we had a world class player in hazard. Now we don’t have that world class player in the team. And the only game Giroud was given a chance to impress, he was totally awful. In the man united game he tried. So because of that he sure will be given a chance.if Giroud works hard in training and if given a chance he impresses am sure lampard will play him often.

  9. Can’t believe I am reading this if true .. if it is then it’s football bollocks both with the board and with so called suportors with very short memories ..everyone with all this negativity chill the frick out .. and our time will come .. end of !by the way
    Proper proud of our team and boss this season , the only thing I ask is you play with your heart and sole for the club and not the pay check

  10. This has been the trend. This is how the management of Chelsea fc treated the previous coaches. They hardly buy a classified vrey good and expensive player who can perfectly get the job done expectantly and when the coach decides to put pressure on them, the board intend react to pay them with dismissal. Very very bad. That’s the reason why Chelsea continues to exhibit inconsistency. Blame nobody but the management

  11. Management serious jokers….surport ur manager instead of avoiding the responsibility

  12. This lamp. guy is useless honestly Geroud could have been starting some games. Why keep a player whose contract is over at the end of a season and you are not gona extend the contract. Lampard must go.useless coach

  13. The same team won Europa League and were third on the league.
    The issue of David Luis should have been managed, Alonso and giruod what have they done to deserve this useless treatment? Now Chelsea is ordinary under this so called useless legend.lampard is an agent to destroy the owner.The English national team will not win anything.

  14. Lampard has tried a lot this season but he is still not experienced enough. Alonso, Girou,Pedro and now Lalaga are all excellent resources that Chelsea would have carefully blended with the new young lads in Chelsea to great effect. Unfortunately Frank Lampard appears to stereotype minded to see some key solutions in those players. Its a pity. Chelsea must pay the price this season of Lampards lack of dynamism to notice that Bechuayi is worst than Girou and Pedro. I remain a Chelsea Fan but the Chelsea board must look into this matter to save this club from sinking further down the drain.

  15. Lampard has tried a lot this season but he is still not experienced enough. Alonso, Girou,Pedro and now Lalaga are all excellent resources that Chelsea would have carefully blended with the new young lads in the club to great effect. Unfortunately Frank Lampard appears too stereotype minded to see some key solutions in those players. Its a pity. Chelsea must pay the price this season of Lampard’s lack of dynamism to notice that Bechuayi is worst than Girou and Pedro. I remain a Chelsea Fan but the Chelsea board must look into this matter to save this club from sinking further down the drain.

    • Lampard is not stereotypical, he knows these players, he sees them train. Sometimes it goes down to the efforts and attitude they put when called upon on the pitch. I remember the last time Giroud was given gametime before the man united match, he was terrible. Alonso and Emerson have always been poor. They have moments of lapses in concentration. We can win 5-0 but if we won by that scoreline and Alonso made 5 errors that would have led to goals but because of poor finishing from the opponent it dint go in and am the manager, Il know deep down, he is not good enough. Lampard looks at the little details. I understand his team selection. In my opinion Alonso, Emerson, kepa, barkely, mitchy, giroud and willian are not good enough. I think lampard sometimes plays willian because he lacks another option and that’s why ziyech got signed. Batshuayi scored some important goals for Chelsea too like the winner against Ajax, I think that’s why lampard picks him over giroud. But what I agree on is that it’s high time giroud gets a chance and I think he will against Tottenham. But truth be told, our squad lacks depth, the quality of players is also a little bit moderate. And that’s not lampard’s fault. It’s the board’s. I think lampard besides being the coach he is also a Chelsea fan and his decisions on players selection are aimed at winning matches. If players don’t perform its then to blame most of the time.At the start of the season with the transfer ban, I thought we could finish 10th or there about. Lampard and morris have done a really good job. That crop of players is impossible.

  16. People should stop judging Lampard badly, you saw the kind of game they played against United, so much interesting, good sttacking although we lost,… Just relax and give him time and his academy,.. You will see how great they will be next season,….

  17. Let’s face it. Kepa has the worst save percentage in the league. Common sense should tell the board two things. First, they are a great disappointment, spending all that money on a goalkeeper who isn’t good enough and second,if they have any decency let those who are directly linked with recruitment resign. Lampard is absolutely within his rights to bench a keeper who has been so poor this season. I support lampard 100%.Regarding of the striker position, the transfer window was open, the board should have done their job and give lampard options upfront. Tottenham did, man united, wolves did and even ordinary sheffield united with all the respect did. So first if that useless board wants to criticize lampard, let it first look itself in the mirror. If it’s good at sacking, let it also be good at supporting managers with funds to buy players and build the kind of team they want.let’s evaluate this team for a moment, Alonso and Emerson, poor. Pedro, William, experienced but not good enough. Odoi, pulisic, mount, Abraham, Reece, cheek, tomori, zouma, young and inconsistent. Sometimes a lot of them injured. Batshuayi,Giroud, so unreliable and sometimes it’s painful watching them play. Rudiger, Christiansen, azpilicueta, zouma, just not good enough. Kovacic, jorginho, kante, Ross, not consistent in their performances,kepa, willy, average. How this team is 4th at this point in the season is a miracle. We have no superstar.truth be told we have a weak team.lampard is amazing.if the board wanted Chelsea to finish top 4,it would have shown that with support of recruiting better players or buying at least one of world class talent. For now let it just mute like it has done lately in the transfer markets. It has absolutely no right to criticize anyone.


  19. daniel reynolds | February 20, 2020 at 7:44 pm |

    conudrum was a disgrace the board gave him the job and now moan about it

  20. Kevin Hazlewood | February 21, 2020 at 11:40 am |

    Who decided to buy Kepa he is just not good enough for the prem. Surely Giroud is a better bet than Michy. Board at fault though should have bought in January window.

  21. the board’s re even ingrate,shud dem sack lampard,chelsea wud even turn worst than latter,cos aw wud a coach manage 2nd class squad nd make it till 4th place,u rather appreciate im nd give im som times to build up d team with strategic players,been defeated is sure,cos futball is a game nd unpredicted!

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