Lampard sends message to Abramovich after 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich

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Following Chelsea’s 3-0 Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard sent a message to the Chelsea board, insisting the defeat has proven Chelsea need to add quality to the squad.

When asked if the defeat has proven Chelsea needs to add quality players to the squad, Lampard replied: “I wouldn’t say I’ve been proven right on anything but in the bigger picture I think today we just saw there was a lot of quality in their team. There’s a build towards that.

“Players like Lewandowski have been there for a long. Muller I played against in 2012 in the Champions League. And Boateng. And Neuer. Alaba’s been there a long time.

“There’s a lot to their team we have to respect. But to focus on us there’s no point on looking back on anything else other than the fact of being real about where we are.

“We’re now fighting to come in the top four this year because we want to then improve in the summer.

“We also have to go to Munich and play with a lot of pride in a few weeks, to see what we can do there. Today was just a clear show that there’s a lot of work to be done and I felt that when I took the job. I felt that all the way through and I felt that today.

“I’ll keep working and we all need to.”

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18 Comments on "Lampard sends message to Abramovich after 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich"

  1. I am glad you named old players you played with. So them why do you want to let go Williams, Pedro, Alison extra, use theirs expertise to develop the team.

  2. Kilolo Naybei | February 26, 2020 at 10:37 pm |

    Greetings Mr was nice to use Willy in the stick.but please don’t.let press dictate your system of play you should.have lost with 442 and I would have pity.

  3. Right! You need to add more effort in a club for the upcoming competition.

  4. It is not a problem when you lose single game during building of your dream Team but may you give us hope that in summer you will make a good run in Market not seven players but early signing quality players who can add something to our current Team coz every year we wait till market close this thing is not good, if María want to go for Marketing better to buy than being scouts for others Teams

  5. Keep on moving Frankie falling does not mean that you are failure but staying down definitely does open new shapter for last night’s game look forward to where you are belong, keep us on top four we will follow Chelsea to the end of our lives

  6. U should have used 442 or 433. Chelsea played too deep into their half. Also William was suppossed 2 start. Abraham was supposed 2 patner Giroud in front.

  7. Its true we need quilet prayers and experience too thanks l love Chelsea true my hear good luck wish you all the best

  8. Frank you must go. Why you didn’t buy players in January?

  9. Jessey Mmbugu | February 27, 2020 at 7:38 am |

    The management must sign players when window opens.Don’t wait until the end do scouting for others.

  10. John chukwudi | February 27, 2020 at 7:58 am |

    We need to buy players, because we don’t have first 11.

  11. Victor Mc'Ariyo | February 27, 2020 at 9:51 am |

    We can see a brighter future ahead of us, let’s give Super Frankie the support he needs to build around the team and stop criticising all the efforts he tries to add to the team.

  12. Mr Frank Lampard
    Make a use 433
    James Rudiger tomori Alonso
    Mount Jorgihno Kovacic
    Pulisic Giroud willian
    And Kepa

  13. We just have to accept what has happened, bayern munich were more clinical, and at the end of the match everybody saw what happened, we need’s good signing, come next season,

  14. I love Chelsea and players use to play very well..but I think lampard should drop willy and use kepa please willy is old…

  15. We were tactically bankrup.the Buryern team was ahead of us.we also need a good goalkeeper

  16. Frank you did well but we need more good players, Williams is still good for the match.

  17. Chelsea 4 live frank kept on,blues 4 live

  18. We ain’t need quantity players in the summer but quality that’s our problem in fact Lampard has to be given a chance to exercise his coaching experience…

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