Why Roman Abramovich is worried about Eden Hazard Real Madrid transfer

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According to Daily Mail, Chelsea are worried Real Madrid will be unable to pay the transfer fee owed the club following the transfer of Eden Hazard to the Spanish club last summer because of the collapse of TV deals on the continent.

Hazard joined Real Madrid last summer for £90 million with the transfer fee to be paid in instalments.

Daily Mail claim broadcasters in France, Spain and Italy have all failed to make payments to their respective leagues over the last month, leading to fears that clubs in those countries may be unable to pay fees due in June.

The report claims Premier League clubs sold players for a combined £851m to counterparts in France, Spain and Italy over the last four years, although a significant proportion of those fees have yet to be paid and could now be in jeopardy.

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3 Comments on "Why Roman Abramovich is worried about Eden Hazard Real Madrid transfer"

  1. Yekinni Kamil Aderoju | April 18, 2020 at 5:27 pm |

    I Don’t even like the way Frank Lampard doing about selections on the pitch. I think he believes in England players that was Why we have been beaten. It will be a shame for him not be in the fourth place and also he must beat Bayern on thier stadium. We have players to beat Bayern Munich in our home why bench them. I knew he was among the players who sent our best coach away, he also sent David Luis away without replacement. Here was afraid of Nemesis. If he fails to qualify for the next champions league he must be sacked immediately

  2. Yekinni Kamil Aderoju | April 18, 2020 at 6:12 pm |

    Frank Lampard is not a legend compared to both Captain John Terry and Didier drogba. Frank Lampard played against Chelsea and scored. To me is a fool coach. He betrayed us and came back to beg us.I prayed and fasting for the club Almighty God is my witness

  3. Are you freaking serious? Most of the transfers are being paid over thw duration of new contract. So 90 mil for hazard and his 5 year contract means 18 mil a year. So Abramovic is worried that Real Madrid is unable to come up with that amount? Like they dont have any money at all? Seriously go find something better to do than write about things that never happed. Abramovic is the owner of the club, not CEO. Just dude what the fuck?

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