Joe Cole explains why he left his role as technical coach at Chelsea. Will he return?

Just prior to the coronavirus lockdown in March, Chelsea legend Joe Cole left his role as technical coach at the Chelsea academy.

Explaining why he left his coaching role at the club, Joe Cole said as cited by Daily Mail: “Just before lockdown I stepped down from my role at Chelsea.

“I had a great time there and learned so much. It was really important in my development but I was planning on carrying my work with BT Sport and I was planning on doing study visits around the world with different managers and study visits within the FA.

“That all got put to bed because of Covid but I’ll pick that up when I can and it’s back to normal.

“I loved it there. I’m sure one day I’ll return in some capacity but at the moment, for my development as a coach, I felt going round and going to look and listen and keep my ears and eyes open was the best thing for me.”

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