Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers reacts to Chelsea’s interest in Ben Chilwell

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Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers insists he has no worries about Chelsea’s interest in Ben Chilwell.

Rodgers believes Chilwell can handle speculation surrounding a move to Chelsea ahead of the FA Cup game between Chelsea and Leicester City this weekend.

The Foxes boss said: “I have no worries at all. Speculation is something you have to live with in this industry.

“He has good experiences now and can deal with that. It is a part of the game and we know that.”

Rodgers added: “Ben has come back and he has been brilliant. He has come back and looks fresh.

“In the lockdown he has really pressed the reset button again.

“He has been fit and his running ability has been great.

“His defending has been good — and you saw his goal he scored against Watford. It was a brilliant strike.”

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