Chelsea fans demand Lampard sell these four players after West Ham loss. Do you agree?

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Chelsea fans have listed four players Chelsea boss Frank Lampard should sell this summer after the shock 3-2 loss at West Ham on Wednesday night.

Chelsea missed the chance to leapfrog Leicester City into third place following the loss at West Ham on Wednesday night.

Chelsea fans are now demanding Kepa Arrizabalaga, Marcos Alonso, Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger be sold this summer following their performance against West Ham.

“Kepa, Rudiger and Christensen need to leave Chelsea,” one fan wrote, according to Daily Express. “The only positive player yesterday was Willian and Pulisic.

“Chelsea need defenders that can defend, not defenders that keep frustrating the efforts of the forwards just because they can’t be responsible at their end.”

Another person added: “If I was Lampard I would be pushing to get rid of Alonso, Kepa and Rudiger, 3 very poor players.

Another person added: “If I was Lampard I would be pushing to get rid of Alonso, Kepa and Rudiger, 3 very poor players.

“Chelsea need to stop looking at forwards and fix our back line. West Ham are a joke and have no business beating us sort out the defence ASAP.”

A third user said: “If you are still saying Kepa deserves a second chance after yesterday, there is clearly something wrong with you, he is not Chelsea quality, we need a new GK this summer, time to get rid of deadwood and make this club great again.”

While a further fan commented: “Chelsea needs to sell Rudiger and get a better cb and lb.”

Another fan said: “I don’t count Alonso as a player to continue at Chelsea his play is awful, but when Christensen made the mistake why can’t Rudiger be tactical enough to play that guy offside?

“Don’t u know about CB covering for player errors?”

And another said: “How did this guy Rudiger became a footballer and to even wear a Chelsea shirt.

“Alonso and Christensen are all gibberish, if Chelsea wanna make top four or even be in competition next season, just let them go.”

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18 Comments on "Chelsea fans demand Lampard sell these four players after West Ham loss. Do you agree?"

  1. Frank Thabiso C Lungwe | July 2, 2020 at 11:42 am |

    As the supporters we must accept the results that’s part of the game. In football match we except such kind of mistakes like what we saw yesterday. I’m still trusting in our squad

  2. Lampard to me should sign leftback and central defend only the rest are okay and please a must winne for the temaining game strikers attacking mindfielders and wingers are okay only defends is a problems for Chelsea,chelsea must finish at top three not four

  3. Onana, Koulibaly e Tagliafico

  4. As for me I think Harvert, should be the last midfielder at the moment. We need to fix our back because it the one supporting our frontline to score. So if there is now support which means we will be conceding goals each and every game. We need one center back to help Rudiger. We don’t have a defender to support him. Also a left back like Chilwel or Taglafico. We want next season to be hot🔥🔥. But the main problem is denfence and Lampard should do it fast.

  5. get rid of Alonso, Rudiger, christesten, kepa, and Zuoma even ty he didn’t play against westharm. very poor players chelsea don’t deserve to have them

  6. chelsea’s midfield, attack and forward is good but this defense for sure will cost you always.Lampard you need to see that Alonso, Rudiger, christesten and zouma are nolonger needed here.Kepa is good when defence communicate and cover him as well

  7. what happen to jorgi. he opens defence. complacency shouldn’t kill us.tomori?

  8. Every team have that one central defender that makes him self feel superior over opponent attackers but Chelsea don’t. Everyone is making mistakes Everytime. There’s a need for a defender who will control the backline and show that self confidence.

  9. Boyd Masenga | July 3, 2020 at 3:30 am |

    Rudiger is a tired guy he must be counted in the Chelsea squad

  10. It’s time to for Chelsea to get us Chilwell to solve our defense problem. We can’t be losing such matches 😢

  11. Sylvanus Thompson | July 3, 2020 at 7:34 am |

    I would like Frank Lampard to get rid of Alonso, Christensen and Kepa out of this team the cheap mistakes which they have made has cost us a lot of pains and disappointment during the previous and this present season, so we need fresh legs to fill in those gaps at by next [email protected]

  12. What about the striker that played upto 60mins with no impact, even defending well is a problem he should have kept the second goal off the line.

    • Well said @Hakim
      The problem is with the whole team like Lampard said, they all defend and they all attack

  13. Stephen Duff | July 3, 2020 at 12:33 pm |

    Rudiger is exhausted, but with another good centre back he could work well. Alonso has had his day and served us well, but he has lost a yard or 2 and just isn’t there any more. With Kea it is concentration, he gets befuddled and loses it, will he grow out of it, nup, not in the Premier league. Christiensen just does not have reaction time. In open play he is usually fine, but in a moment of reactive decision he is still working it out long after the event. We still have Tomori to come back in. Before his injury Zouma was way ahead of the pack, but since his return, including 2 yeas on loan, he hasn’t found that mojo yet. Emerson just isn’t. James is young and needs those around him firing to grow into his own shoes, and they are just not there. Interesting that we haven’t seen Jorginho yet, might he be marketable?? The other problem with the defence is it is impacting Kante’s game, even he can’t be everywhere at once.

  14. For me Chelsea have to sign another full back I mean everyone because for me none of them is defender.. Especially Rudiger why can’t him foul the opponent before entering the box 18 he keeps driving back as fool fuck you Rudiger fuck you cristesen and you stupid Chelsea bord wey no feet sign us defenders..

  15. we don’t have goal keeper, and our back line lacks experience. they can’t withstand pressure from opponent and it’s a shame. Chelsea should sign an experienced cb and lb and a good gk. and more especially we need some one in our midfield that should b spreading the bay (long passes) and killer passes to attackers n wingers.

  16. Yes, Kepa, Rudiger and Alonso must be on their way out………..Rudiger makes ruthless mistakes, we waits for an oppornent to take the ball and then starts chasing him instead of clearing the ball in the first place, he does that a multiple times even though some incidents do not end up in having the ball on the back of our net

  17. Rudiger still required in Chelsea for along time. Alonso need credible Challenger but still required in Chelsea, Sell Emerson, dis Belgian striker. Really d team need experience defenders from Italian or french or Serbian league.

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