These four Chelsea players worth £400 million

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According to Chelsea legend Joe Cole, Chelsea youngsters Billy Gilmour, Reece James, Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham would fetch £400m if the club decides to sell them in a few years.

Cole told BT Sport: “[Connection with supporters] was definitely something at the club [that needed addressing].

“Obviously when Roman [Abramovich] was away and we weren’t signing players, I don’t think [Maurizio] Sarri ever really settled in the club.

“But then Frank’s come in, legend of the club, probably the greatest player to play for the club, the fans love him so that galvanises the fans, the ownership love him, he has a good way with the media.

“So straight away the perception of Chelsea as a club has changed and you couple that with bringing in the great young talents, you’re bringing in some of the finest players we’ve seen over the last few years.

“Your Billy Gilmours, your Reece James, Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham – suddenly there’s been about £300m-£400m of talent, if you add up all of what they are going to be worth in a few years.”

Cole added: “We keep saying it week in, week out but everything is moving in the right direction and just the next stage is bringing the right players into that group who can affect it in the right way on the pitch.

“That’s going to be tough because there’s some cracking players at Chelsea. Getting players to come in and be even better is a tall ask.”

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