What Jose Mourinho said about Frank Lampard’s use of Callum Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea

Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho has questioned Frank Lampard’s use of Callum Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea.

Mourinho questioned Lampard’s use of Hudson-Odoi after he was questioned over his use of Steven Bergwijn at Tottenham.

Mourinho said: “Look, that is the question that normally you do to me.

“You know, Frank Lampard plays Pulisic and you don’t ask him why he doesn’t start Hudson-Odoi or something.

“It looks like I’m the only guy that has to play 15 players from the start or I am the only guy who doesn’t have the right to have good players on the bench.

“If I start with Bergwijn today you would be now asking me what Lucas has to do to start. What Son has to do to start.

“They have to do nothing they have to be team players and team players are players that start, that go on the bench, that come in for half an hour, that come in for one minute, you know.

“So [Bergwijn] doesn’t have to do anything else, he’s a team player, he plays for Tottenham.

“If Tottenham wants to try to compete against the best teams Tottenham cannot have 11 good players, needs more and we have them on the bench.”

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