Who Chelsea fans should blame for 3-0 defeat to Sheffield United

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Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has been blamed for Chelsea’s 3-0 defeat to Sheffield United on Saturday.

The Blades cut Chelsea with ease and earned a well-deserved victory and according to The Independent, Lampard should be blamed for the defeat to Sheffield United.

“Frank Lampard is clearly a man learning on the job, and sometimes impressively so,” The Independent wrote.

“His substitutions have often been effective in changing games, and he has never shied away from making switches either in personnel or shape. But there comes a point when you have to ask whether he should be getting it right more often from kick-off.

“Here the back four didn’t seem to click, particularly against Sheffield United’s threat crossing from wide areas, and it seemed a sensible game to play three at the back.

“Marcos Alonso is clearly not trusted at left-back, and Cesar Azpilicueta’s deployment on that side failed, with the defender scuffing a left-footed cross into the stands from a promising position.

“Even small things seem to show indecision: why did Ross Barkley take a second-half free-kick when Willian, a specialist, is in the side?

“Lampard must find some solutions and greater clarity of thought right from the get-go if he is to emerge beyond this season as Chelsea’s manager in the long term.”

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4 Comments on "Who Chelsea fans should blame for 3-0 defeat to Sheffield United"

  1. Dont blame anyone, Chelsea is a team ,not a person or an object..
    Blame our team..
    I know Rudiger played really bad,and so did some other players,
    This is a team,go back to the drawing board and fix it.

  2. Mateyo Moyo | July 12, 2020 at 9:42 am |

    Lampard is to blame team selection from the beginning was a problem. Chelsea never troubled defenders for the opposition because Lampard decided to start Abraham instead of Giroud. Because of Abraham, the game was mostly played in Chelsea half.

  3. Y removing polisic in d game lampard?

  4. I love chelsea football club no matter what happens I’ll die supporting my club.
    To be honest sometimes lampard gets it wrong to many changes in all the wrong places bt he’s not a player anymore I think the players should take more responsibility and do there job.
    I just think the performance against Sheffield United was poor,unacceptable and not up to chelsea football club standard no disrespect to Sheffield United they played a fantastic match.
    To all Chelsea fans no need yo panic just support support and keep supporting our team.
    A Wiseman once said:Wen times are good be graceful and in time of defeat be thankful.

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