Why Roman Abramovich is eagerly waiting for Monday

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich alongside owners of Manchester United, Leicester, Sheffield United, Wolves and Arsenal will all be eagerly waiting for Monday.

This is because the Court of Arbitration for Sport will be announcing their decision of Manchester City’s appeal of their two-year suspension from the Champions League.

If Manchester City lose their appeal, finishing fifth in the Premier League will secure Champions League qualification.

Manchester City were sanctioned by UEFA’s club financial control body (CFCB) for breaches of club licensing and financial fair play regulations.

CAS issued a statement on Friday evening which read: “The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will announce the decision taken in the arbitration procedure between Manchester City Football Club and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) on Monday, 13 July 2020.”

The statement added that the decision would be published on the CAS website at 10.30am Swiss time (9.30am UK).

Chelsea are currently third in the Premier League, one point ahead of fourth placed Leicester City and two points ahead of fifth placed Manchester United.

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6 Comments on "Why Roman Abramovich is eagerly waiting for Monday"

  1. Chiyokomah | July 10, 2020 at 9:43 pm |

    At first I want to talk of the goal keeper he needs a competitor for him to prove his worth at Chelsea fc,
    Secondly defensively is bad how can we every game concedes goals sure,Lampard work on it,
    Undereating teams is not good at all,we needs to score goals quickly as fast as possible as u all know that’s the job is to be done in the morning not afternoon No same as football is first half second half is just like a training and deciding to win, Fourth
    Is that Lampard need t used the 4:3:3 format that the formation works at Chelsea fc, he likes delaying making substitutes, Abraham is too reluctantly in scoring goals he needs to improve,fifth is
    Why is Lampard not playing Georginho? What’s wrong is he did to him,just because is not the one who bought him,then he wants to play him after Kante,Billy Gilmar has sustained injuries rights? Sixth
    Please marina give Willian the contracts he wants for Chelsea fc,he has done a lot of things at Chelsea fc is a game changer we can’t just rely on young ones no we also needs them who has experience in football,for Chelsea to be where we are now it’s because of the likely of
    ,and so on so please appreciate there needs. For today that’s all thanks for your consideration of my views.

  2. Chelsea has but a few goals from corner kicks.
    As much as we admire Willian, he alone should not take corner kicks.Tired legs lead to poor placement.

  3. Right from the bored of the contract, Roman Abrmovic talk the person in charge of issuing contract to give Willian his three years of contract. Coz currently he is the only one who makes Chelsea fans to watch Chelsea game. And he with much love for blues. Him, Pulisic, Giroud, Pedro are the only ones have played with experience. Otherwise if this so called younger boys Chelsea will go backwards to position eight towards the end of this season meaning that, there will be no UEFA next season

  4. Underating teams is not good, in england there is no small team at all, never change a winning team Giroud was in form why Abraham who is still struggling for his form, Rudiger was on bench again why? We need experienced players not only kids, willian must be granted his contract extension he wants we love he is a game changer and he has chelsea at hear.

  5. King♚ Ayusgold | July 12, 2020 at 6:15 am |

    Why coach wants to sell our senior player? Also why he need to bench Alonso? See if they can’t make top four. It will very difficult for them to get good players.

  6. Lamps I only blame you for the 3 – 0 defeat at Sheffield United! They defeated you with Derby in the Championship last season, didn’t you learn anything from that? Now listen well here’s what you have to do first. Before making any marquee signings, you need to sort out the defence, especially the center backs and right backs. Bin the rest of them and SPARE ALONSO, ZOUMA and KEPA! Kepa can be our strong number 2 like what City and United have 2 strong goal keepers ready to step in. Buy 3 center backs one left back and 2 right backs! Azpilicueta and James don’t cut it in defence. Emerson isn’t a defender either. Alonso is crucial on ser pieces! How many goals has he scored from there? Think there’s no point adding new players if you won’t sort out your defence! Get a new keeper to drive Kepa on! Kante isn’t a DM, he is an ACM, Kovacic is the natural DM, Jorghino is a CM, we need Bakayoko back he’s spent two seasons in Serie A so he is world class now! He can be the sub for Kovacic! Its in serie a that they produce the best defensive midfielders im the world. Ola Aina is a perfect left back to push alonso. Victor Moses and Zappacosta are needed at Right Back. Bin Azpilicueta, Ruediger, Christiensen and Emerson. We need a young strong spine.

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