Abramovich sends warning to Lampard after backing him in transfer market

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has reportedly warned Chelsea boss Frank Lampard that he must improve Chelsea next season or face being sacked.

According to a source at Chelsea that spoke with Football Insider, Abramovich wants to see a big improvement next season after backing Lampard in the transfer market.

The Blues have completed the signing of Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner from Ajax and RB Leipzig respectively. Kai Havertz is also expected to arrive from Bayer Leverkusen after reportedly agreeing personal terms with the Blues.

Lampard guided Chelsea to a fourth place finish in his first season in charge of the Blues but Abramovich wants to see “significant improvements” from Lampard’s team next season.

Chelsea lost 12 Premier League games last season and conceded the most goals among clubs that finished in the top ten.

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12 Comments on "Abramovich sends warning to Lampard after backing him in transfer market"

  1. Nice bums

  2. I’m diehard Chelsea fan from African. I want Frank lampard to improve his line up during this summer season.
    I was annoyed at the time when I see Willian on benched while we were tournament by Arsenal

    Let us keep fans on our blue league until we achieved our goal.
    Long live Ambromavic…
    Long live f.Lamfard…
    Long live Chelsea fans

  3. That’s good

  4. Frank Lampard is a member of the golden brigade of Chelsea FC, he should do everything possible to get us back to that era when we can watch every Chelsea game with utmost confidence.

  5. He exhibited immaturity in his team selection. He is so inconsistent. Today he wins tomorrow he loses. If he doesn’t deliver next season,fire him please. Every coach wins a trophy in his first year at Chelsea only Lampard has failed.

  6. I’m a Chelsea fan from Kenya, I believe Lampard has the capability to steer Chelsea to a title win, having worked with a team that had not much after Hazard’s exit and UEFA transfer ban, I believe now that he has brought in fresh blood and also shown his trust in the young players, I say let’s wait and see as he leads us back to our lost Glory….. I’m Qassim Aguya

  7. Moses F Saah | August 9, 2020 at 6:00 am |

    My hearts bleed at time when I see the mistakes of Chelsea’s manager. But I know that things will surely change well next season. Long live Chelsea

  8. AmbeJoseph Ngwa | August 9, 2020 at 8:39 am |

    When we do support a team it’s because we love the way they work,but we don’t have the means by which we can let the management know how we feel. What I will like lampard to do is to look for good defence and attackers that can shot with the least chance they get. This way they will have a good play. When we look at the league we see that man united is not better than us in any way possible but they had to come 3rd they had more goals than we had.

  9. Lemmy phiri | August 9, 2020 at 1:17 pm |

    Indeed, lampard must be warned with his coachings, we lost games
    that we didn’t even supposed to lose because of his immaturity,let him
    be fired next season if don’t improve with coaching

  10. Frank must overhaul the whole defence line including the goalkeepers. Cabellero is not also a good goalkeeper he is also aging.
    New look defence and one more defensive midfielder and goalkeeper like Pope of Burnely

  11. Lamperd should improve or face sack

  12. Linus Asema | August 9, 2020 at 9:09 pm |

    I am a Chelsea fan from Nigeria. I believe Lampard will do well if given the right players. But I’m afraid he needs to know that he must combine youthfulness with experience to be able to succeed. I feel sad that a player of Willian’s quality is offloaded at this point. At his age, Willian is not prone to injury and is in good form. So the board should have yielded to his demands. Worst of all he is going to a rival club. This really makes me sad.

    Finally, we (fans) want to see what Lampard is doing about the backline; get some good defenders, at least, two.

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