Arsenal director sends warning to Chelsea after signing Willian

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Arsenal director Edu has warned Chelsea and the rest of the Premier League that the signing of Willian heralds the beginning of a period which will see the Gunners create a balanced squad.

The Gunners are seeking to return to their glory days again and Edu believes signing Willian is the beginning of the process.

“He has a lot of fantastic attributes as a person, as a football player of course, his character,” the former Gunners midfielder told Arsenal Digital.

“I’m 100 per cent sure that everybody in the dressing room, the fans, myself and Mikel [Arteta] will enjoy having Willian in our side.

“We tried to create a better balance in the squad but we know that takes time to balance the squad the way me and Mikel want to.

“To balance properly, we need to sell players, to buy players and that takes time, not just day and night.

“It will take time but with Willian, we’ve started a big process. We’ve identified the needs in the squad and he’s the one to start to rebalance the squad as we want to.

“I am really excited and really happy to have a player like Willian because I’m convinced he’ll be the one to impact the team straight away.

“That, for me, is the most important one because I think the squad needed a player like Willian to help them, to be with the guys, helping in all senses. That’s why I’m so excited.”

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