Chelsea fan happy with Abramovich’s warning to Frank Lampard

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Chelsea boss Frank Lampard will be under pressure to deliver next season after he was warned by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich that he must improve Chelsea next season or face being sacked.

Abramovich reportedly wants to see a big improvement next season after backing Lampard in the transfer market.

A Chelsea fan Mpandamano, is excited Chelsea owner has warned Lampard to improve next season or face being sacked.

According to the Chelsea fan, Lampard has been immature in his team selection and has been too inconsistent this season.

He wrote in The Real Chelsea’s Fan: “He exhibited immaturity in his team selection. He is so inconsistent. Today he wins tomorrow he loses. If he doesn’t deliver next season,fire him please. Every coach wins a trophy in his first year at Chelsea only Lampard has failed.”

Do you agree with Mpandamano?

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46 Comments on "Chelsea fan happy with Abramovich’s warning to Frank Lampard"

  1. Good lampard must be fired he doest qualify to couch Chelsea maybe legend John Terry can manage

  2. Certainly don’t agree about a rush to a sacking if we don’t win anything. There needs to be an improvement, yes, but there also needs to be a case of the younger players learning from their experience, no room for empathy, step up or step out. A useful addition would be a high quality defensive coach, but the defenders need to stand up and be counted.

  3. Sunday Adepoju | August 9, 2020 at 12:28 pm |

    I don’t agree with the comments above. Even Jose,Ancelotti, and Conte put together will not surpassed what LAMPARD achieved with this squad under the same situation.

  4. Colin walsh | August 9, 2020 at 12:48 pm |

    No i dont agree with the muppett frank has done amazing this season we were written off at start with transfer ban and eden hoing but we still finished in top 4 still made it to wembley in FA cup and got further than tottenham and liverpool in champions league i think frank done great and roman needs to give him another 2 years to get it rightlook at liverpool klopp took 3 years and they walked away with title its about time roman and chelsea board stopped sacking managers just for fun and give them a chance especially since feank is english and not many english managers get a chance to prove themselves

  5. I think we should give him more time, sacking coaches is our major problem. We all know that this season the defence is the main issue, but if we can buy good goalkeeper and center backs then, the team will improve.

  6. Victor ihuoma | August 9, 2020 at 1:18 pm |

    I agree that he is immature sometimes but then again, he needs to work on that defense very can’t bring quality players this coming season and expect lampard not to compete. He needs to get it right but he tried this season and got rewarded in nomination for manager of the season award.

  7. Alex Gwekwerere | August 9, 2020 at 1:25 pm |

    Frank must serious look at the defence and goalkeepers. Need to replace immediately. Goalkeeper Cabello cannot not be either goalkeeper 1 or 2. Clean sweep.
    Otherwise well done job Frank get defenders who can block and Mark at the same time not what we have currently a batch on onlookers.

  8. Very funny comments about #FL8,any CFC manager gets fired if they don’t deliver. Everyone forgets where we started at what our expectations were and all of a sudden we’re contenders!Leave it out, good season, now let’s start the next.

  9. If it is true, it is really unfair. Lampard inherited Chelsea under wired circumstances.
    Mr Mpandamando , we need to give Lampard time and be patient with him. Whatever players we buy they need to “GEL”.

  10. No l believe in Frankie he will manage even though he is young in management, let only give him second chance and time

  11. Lampard has to get rid of the mediocre players in his team next season and he may compete for trophies.Get rid of Barkley Rudiger,Emerson,Kepa,Batman.Get an upgrade for mount though dude has tried but not convince he is world class.Good CHOvis coming from the bench same should be of Abraham next season with Werner opinion!

  12. Jesse Jonathan | August 9, 2020 at 2:32 pm |

    Lampard should stop favouritism to English players, and make fitting team players that are good and ready to deliver on expected results.Also he should stop doing trial and error. He has done experiment for whole season, And should know is players abilities, strength and weakness so that he will know where to use them and how to play them.Lampard should also learn tactical application of dynamic changes of tactical and technical know how of the football ga me.

  13. As a great Chelsea fan am not sure Lampard is the real man for Chelsea coaching job,hope he back up next season,BLUE IS THE COLOR.

  14. Yes I agree because Lampard seems confused and was just experimenting with his selections. If it hadn’t been that Leicester City finished the season that bad, Chelsea wouldn’t have qualified for Champions League. The bulk of last season’s team was around yet still Lampard could not win anything as has been the case for all new coaches. Maybe he feels because he is a legend he can’t be fired

  15. Frank is a good coach indeed, look at clubs like Manchester United were unable to head to FA cup finals with their ability to make new players so Lampard should be allow with two consecutive terms improved

  16. I dont agree.
    Least you forget the conditions through which lamps has delivered. Give him much time and you can see his vision for the club so far.dont rush to sack and others come to yield where they did not plant. Lamps all the way

  17. Alex Amaechi | August 9, 2020 at 4:17 pm |

    Billionaire have spoken and billionaires can speak.
    Frank has been given all the money required to prosecute a trophy winning team for season starting next month and eliminate inconsistency of choice of standard team. The options are wide open to him, but, the investor has said he wants dividends next season.

  18. Alex Amaechi | August 9, 2020 at 4:23 pm |

    Billionaire has warned and only billionaires can speak.Frank has been given all the resources he needed to produce a Chelsea winning team.What does he need again.
    Jose came and got all he requested and got results and made chelsea a trophy expected winning team every season.

  19. Lampard deserves kudos. If it were sarri with the kids,where would we have been now?

  20. Edgar Ngai | August 9, 2020 at 5:41 pm |

    For sure Lampard has really done so much and him being sacked will be an immature thought.Infact Frank Lampard has shown alot of concern by bringing Chelsea to todays results in premier league.He deserves a chance and againg i repeat a chance he has the capability to make Chelsea club proud and indeed set unbreakable record of victory come to the coming leagues ahead.Its good not judge because just some unavoidable mistakes Chelsea needs quality defenders and thats what has caused us big shame in the already ended season.

  21. Chelsea need Frank blive on him

  22. Charles Fasoranti | August 9, 2020 at 6:44 pm |

    79 goals conceded throughout the season by Chelsea. 52 goals conceded by Derby County in 2018/2019 under Frank Lampard. He is not mature enough to be the head coach for Chelsea. It’s a joke that he has been nominated for the Manager of the Year Award. Buckle up or get sacked by Christmas. I am gutted that we lost 7 – 1 to Baryern Munich. Frank Lampard has no clue at all. Thanks to the English Press who sold him to Chelsea and who are happy that we are moving backwards so that ManU and Liverpool can shine again. Frank Lampard is not the Manager to take us to the Next Level. I rest my case.

    • Tayo Olayiwola | August 10, 2020 at 8:04 am |

      Sorry but Lamps came to a club that was basically split apart. We had no proper No9 and lost our main goal scorer who usually won matches for us single handedly. I agree the the defensive side of the team has been bad but what more do you expect from a team being rebuilt from scratch. You’re pained we lost to Bayern but there was literally no way we could win that match, they had better players and from how poor the defence has been you expected us to keep Europe’s highest goalscorer out and pull a miracle?? The team hasn’t lost a game since December ffs be realistic. I’d say the team played well especially CHO and Emerson, only the defensive fragilities cost us that game and I’m sure it’ll be improved. But there’s basically no way any Coach would have come in and find much better than Frank in the same conditions, man had to field Chelsea’s youngest squad ever on average and still put up a good fight though inconsistent but that’s expected cuz of how young the whole squad is and don’t forget the injury fever the team went through. He’s just getting the squad he wanted so even if he doesn’t win a trophy it’s still cool so far the performance is good, I expect more in the coming season but from a squad that’s being rebuilt you guys need to be more considerate.

  23. Kennedy Konkola | August 9, 2020 at 7:48 pm |

    Frank needs to wake up with his selection, stop playing names if a player can’t deliver like abraham to be particular don’t start him.carefull you ll be the first to be kicked next season

    • Tayo Olayiwola | August 10, 2020 at 8:15 am |

      When Tammy was scoring goals like a No9 in his prime you had no issue with it but he had an injury and came back poor and you’re complaining. Without his contribution we’d have probably been battling Arsenal for a top10 spot. Be more considerate, I agree he messed up and was inconsistent but you’re asking him to not give players a chance and that’s improper. Fans are meant to encourage players and support them so they’d have more confidence not blast them for sour patches especially after they’ve been so good and they are just taking their first major steps in their top flight career. It’s a learning process deal with it. No one expected CFC to make top4 at the season start and no one expected Tammy to get 17 goals this season but look where we are. And that from fielding the same players you probably disagreed with him fielding but maybe next time he should get the boys from the academy to play against Liv and Man City since he had that alternative I’m sure they’d have done much better

  24. We should give lanpard a second time in nest season if he is not capable in the 2020/2021 then he is going but I wish him good luck

  25. About 60 percent of Chelsea players are not European.championship material so it is going to be a disaster, next season.Why let Willian go?Some of us are going to withdraw our support very soon

  26. Chelsea fan? Has he even stepped foot in England let alone been to Stamford bridge? Stop with your bullshit

  27. gift munyaradzi | August 9, 2020 at 9:53 pm |

    Lampard lacks strategy of killing matches he is not yet EPL material.There are many games which we shd hv won bt we could end up conceiving goals for a draw or even losing bcz of his failures to kill the games.Rit now is deflecting pple to blame the players e.g kepa and defenders ,the truth will come out soon ,he can run bt cannt hide.He lacks strategy lampard.

  28. But those managers that won something in their first season never experienced ban by court of arbitration for sport. Lampard inherited a weak team but managed the team and ended top 4 in the epl. You got to encourage this guy and stop issuing threat of sack to him. We all saw what Jorgen Klopp went through with Liverpool before he could win something for them, even though he’s a top class manager.

  29. The Spanish | August 9, 2020 at 10:42 pm |

    I disagree with d way people over criticize Chelsea’s defence without really checking d cause of goals that we conceived. It’s just 20% defender’s fault but 80% goalkeeping fault: Kepa=70% and Caballero=10%. Besides this, Lampards trust/faith on Christensen & Abraham further reduced drastically the strenght of the team to suffer in on some matches they feature or played. Bewared of next season pls!

  30. Terver Philip Ukor Ayem | August 10, 2020 at 6:29 am |

    Yes Frank Lampard needs time to make his work come to play and patience is all we need at Chelsea fc for this to be realised. Hiring and firing won’t help our situation but rather worsen it. Any new manager will only come and start from scratch then after being sacked the story remains the same for a new one hence the team goes no where. Lamps should be given at least two terms to build and deliver at least going by the circumstances he took over he has done a grate job.
    Frank Lampad it is.

  31. All of u criticising anyhow all those people that are being called elite coaches now, didn’t they start from somewhere? You are now complaining he is this he is that,to me he did well and wonderfully against all odds you people should just stop this shit. Some just don’t know how to show appreciation. This man has done well although he made some mistakes just like anybody can make even all these elite coaches do make mistake mourihno-pochetino spurs where did they finish.Some people’s comment are just making me sick.See what happened last season a lot of injury crisis and others they were banned from buying players.For me he did well and I believe he will continue to do.

  32. Roman Abrmovic, decision is right and appreciated. This warning he gives to Lampard is perfect, Coz Lampard him self is not caring wither Chelsea win or not. The way he play match is actually annoying make many fans not happy. He does playing so what he called you players while living experience players on the bench. Lampard spoiled carrier for many players, eg Batsuayi, Pedro, Tomori and etc. Not only the warning to be for Lampard side alone the warning has to go to the broad of the director for issuing contract to the players. Roman Abrmovic make Marina to listen to the fans, by allowing some important key and experience players stay at the club. Many fans like Chelsea to give Willian three years of contract to keep him play for Chelsea and Marina is talking of age of a player. A player like Willian if keep well he will even agree to finished his carrier at Chelsea. So for this reason if anyone is trying to play with your business and making fans sad please, I would advise you to shack him or her immdately. This warning is 100% accepted!

  33. I feel he deserved a chance to prove himself and next season he must tightened his squad to win matches at all cost or else he will be shown the back door.

  34. Morning fellow supporters. It is good that we all have got something to say. The season is now under the bridge let us now focus on the new season 2020/2021 .
    What Frank needs to do is to completely overhaul the whole defence and the two goalkeepers. Get one more defensive midfielder like Zakari. For goalkeepers to look at reserve keeper of Arsenal Martinez and Pope of Burnley. We need to keep Kante and get rid of the extra players

  35. For sure Lampard deserves to be a coach at Chelsea. We all know that Frank inherited the team with youngsters and also in a ban from a court of arbitration, so what we need is to congratulate him for what he did as top 4. We also need to give him time and do something on the defensive side and striking side. Infact Caballero doesn’t deserve to be a goalkeeper compared to Arrizaballaga. What we only need from Kepa is more time to be given and for sure he will produce best results.

  36. Mr John f Smith | August 10, 2020 at 10:23 am |

    Yes the team hasn’t been as good as the past ones, but look what has happened in the club, we’ve had a ban on buying players, and many other issues, when Frank came back to the club as Manager everyone was over the moon, because of the ban, we had to use players from the academy, and wow, they have been exciting to watch, something we have asked for in the past, but has never happened, look at the players we have let go. Frank I believe has done a good job, yes the results could be better, Kepa has had a nightmare of a season, but so have some of the players,. We are now in the process of building the team for the new season, I wish Frank and the team all the best for the season, let’s back them instead of slating him, for something that is totally out of his control, come on you Blues

  37. How many of those who want rid of Frank have ever set foot in Stamford Bridge I wonder. The fact is the vast majority of our match going support idolise the man and fully support him. We are so lucky to have a manager who cares as much for our club as we the real fans do. Those who have never been to Stamford Bridge do not know what it is to be Chelsea and their views are completely irrelevant.

  38. We need 90 points next season Lampard it doesn’t matter the position in the league only if we can get those 90 points please

  39. Lampard needs to stop playing useless chaps like Azplicueta, Barkley, get rid of jorginho, Christensen, kepa, Alonso and thank God William is gone. Lampard has not played Kanye in his world cup winning position all season, has played gilmour ahead of loftus cheek, it’s like the guy is racist, it will be a shame if Kante left. Why in the world are we looking at Declan stupid rice and chilwell? I give lampard 3 months next season, if sack him in the fourth.

  40. He promised to give youth a chance due to the ban, he played only Tammy, mount, James and sometimes gilmour, he kept playing deadwood like Alonso, Azplicueta, willian and Barkley, we need to really support hudson-odoi now that willian is of, lampard is clueless of the talent he has, we are going to be in tears watching Nathan Ake blossom under pep this season. All due to useless coaches we have had like lampard. I insist if Kante leaves, Lampard is RACIST

  41. William Affram | August 11, 2020 at 4:53 am |

    We need leaders in the defence and fresh legs in the defence midfield.

  42. Frank has been successful this season considering the transfer ban and losing Hazard. 4th is great achievement .
    Of course we need to improve next season especially in defense .However with some exciting new signings i am optimistic for Frank and the team.

  43. When lampard will b given time ,am sure fans of Chelsea will b happy.that guy knows what he is doing

  44. You have to fail to pass, lampard failed last season , he will pass next season,he made some bad decisions but it all builds up to his experience.he opted for a new Chelsea in a new era and he is working and building towards that!!

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