Chelsea fans warn £80 million player against joining Chelsea

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Chelsea fans have warned Leicester City left-back Ben Chilwell against joining Chelsea.

The England international is a key transfer target for Chelsea boss Frank Lampard and reports claim the Blues have made a breakthrough in negotiations to sign the left-back.

Despite Chilwell’s impressive season for Leicester City, Chelsea fans aren’t impressed with the club’s pursuit of the left-back and appear to want Lampard to look elsewhere.

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Replying to a tweet Chilwell posted during Bayern’s battering of Barcelona, one said: “Stay away from my club.”

Another said: “Please stay at Leicester. Don’t join Chelsea. Sincerley, Chelsea fans.”

A third bluntly added: “Stay at Leicester bro.”

One more said: “You’re a fraud and I never want to see you at Chelsea.”

Would you prefer Lampard sign a cheaper alternative like Sergio Reguilon of Real Madrid or Nicolas Tagliafico of Ajax and use the spare cash to strengthen other areas of the squad?

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6 Comments on "Chelsea fans warn £80 million player against joining Chelsea"

  1. We don’t want Chilwell, they are just overhyped English players. We want Reguilon or Trafiliaco

  2. Yes i do. It is as they say. He’s a fraud. Never liked Chilli as a player or his attitude. Get someone else

  3. Don’t sign Chilwell we don’t want him i prefer Gosen, Tagliafico or Reguilon

  4. Yes I do, I believe in Tagliafico, or Rugalion.
    English players are always been overrated.

  5. Lampard is a cheat concerning this Ben Chilwel of Leicester city we don’t need him at chelseafc reguilon is better than him u won’t succeed @chelsea fc….. Lampard is a cheat I repeat again…

  6. Richard Robinson | August 17, 2020 at 12:22 am |

    I know Lampard is signing Reguilon or Robin instead.

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