Chelsea players receive warning from the club

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Chelsea have reportedly taken steps to minimise the chances of the players contracting coronavirus while on vacation by banning players from flying to COVID-19 hotspots even if it prevents them from returning home to their own countries.

Players are reportedly banned from visiting popular vacation destinations like Ibiza, Marbella and Portugal.

“Chelsea players told to avoid going on holiday to any countries on the UK quarantine list,” tweeted Telegraph journalist Matt Law.

“Currently rules out quite a few returning to their home countries #cfc”

Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has admitted he won’t be disappointed if Willian leaves the club at the end of the season amid reports linking him with Arsenal.

“It actually doesn’t matter about disappointment from any party in this situation,” said Lampard.

“I haven’t got an answer for you (if Willian will leave) first and foremost, because Willian remains our player at the moment.

“In terms of being disappointed, certainly as a club I think we have done everything we can to explain to Willian, and mine and his relationship is really close.

“I would have no feeling of disappointment if he does move on. I’ve played with him, coached him, he’s a fantastic man and a fantastic player. I think he will feel like that about Chelsea, I’ll leave him to say his own words.

“But I don’t want anyone to try and find a negative attitude, because the club have acted very well in this as well.

“I don’t have the answer, if he moves on I personally would wish him well. And that’s kind of where we’re at now.”

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