Ferdinand gives verdict on Chelsea’s defending against Bayern Munich

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has slammed the lack of communication between Chelsea defenders during the 4-1 loss at Bayern Munich on Saturday.

“The ball is wide, if you do not communicate and talk and help each other in the box, you will be punished,” Rio Ferdinand broke down the actions of Chelsea defenders prior to Corentin Tolisso’s goal on BT Sport.

“Not one of these players, I swear to you has spoken, has said a word, muttered anything to the other to say, ‘Listen, man on your shoulder, drop back’.

“The left-back there, Emerson, he has to be the one talking to the likes of Kurt Zouma. You’re governed by your full-back there, the person on the opposite side of the pitch, Emerson, he’s the guy that should be communicating and the guys on the edge of the box. They can see everything there, but they don’t.

“You don’t see one player’s head turn until the ball’s gone past them. The ball’s gone past the two centre-backs and they’re standing there startled. It’s comical almost.

“You get a game as a manager that pushes home the narrative that we do need to reinforce in them areas, not just as players, but as characters, as people that can communicate. Sometimes it’s not just about ability, it’s about someone, a man that can come in and say, “You move here, you get there.'”

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