Lampard warned against signing Thiago Silva

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has been warned against signing Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva.

According to Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson, 35 year old Silva isn’t the right signing for Chelsea due to his age.

“I wouldn’t push that hard,” Robson told ESPN FC.

“Yeah he’s an excellent player, of course he’s been brilliant at times over the course of his career, but he’s now getting on and I’m not sure that Chelsea need a centre-back who they might have to protect at times.

“He’s still an excellent player, next season and the season after, he might be going down the hill slightly.

“So I wouldn’t be too keen if I was a Chelsea supporter if they were trying to sign him or he was going to be one of the centre-halves they were signing.”

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  1. That is Good for the Chelsea

  2. Sure that’s true, Lampard should not sign Tiago coz of his age & he’ll go against CFC phylosophy for signing players over the age of 34

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