Lampard worried about Cesc Fabregas’ comments on Chelsea vs Arsenal FA Cup final

Former Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas believes Arsenal need the FA Cup trophy more than Chelsea.

“Arsenal need it more [the FA Cup],” Cesc Fabregas told the Telegraph.

“Chelsea basically every year has won a trophy, so it’s a different animal in this case. In terms of trophies, Arsenal needs it more and for confidence for next year and getting into Europe.

“Chelsea are in the Champions League and Arsenal has nothing at the moment.”

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has now responded by claiming such comments worries him.

“I’ve heard how there’s more on this game for Arsenal, and that idea worries me. We must put ourselves under pressure. This is a huge game for Chelsea,” Lampard said at the press conference ahead of the game.

“It worries me that we as a club, as a team, think we achieved something last week by finishing in the top-four. We are happy with that but that’s gone now. We don’t consider what it means for Arsenal — we want to win the match.

“I’ve been in this game a fairly short time but I’ve played for many years and I know what I want the feeling to be around a final. It needs to be pressured; we need to be on edge. We cannot cruise into a final. You lose them that way.

“The feeling of losing as a manager is worse than as a player because you take on more responsibility – but the feeling of winning is better.”

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