Marina Granovskaia gives condition for signing Kai Havertz this summer

Bayer Leverkusen star Kai Havertz is a key transfer target for the Blues this summer.

According to European football expert Gabriele Marcotti, Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia has decided the Blues will only sign Kai Havertz this summer for a fee that suits the club.

“This idea that personal terms have been agreed, that’s been out there for a while,” Marcotti told ESPN FC.

“I stick to what I’ve said before that Chelsea I think will only sign Havertz if they can get him at a price that they really, really like.

“While all the news out of Germany is like ‘yes, the deal’s almost done and it’s going to be £70m, £80m, £85m’, it doesn’t feel right to me at those numbers.”

“There are suggestions that Leverkusen have put a deadline on this, at the end of August which of course is just around the corner,” he added.

“But again, if you’re Chelsea, why would you be pushed into observing any kind of deadline.

“If you show up later with money and the guy still wants to come and you’ve got a deal in place with him, it’s not like he’s not going to come.

“To me, and this is just a gut feeling, this is Havertz’s people and Leverkusen trying to hurry this thing along and Chelsea saying ‘let’s take our time with this and if we do this we get it on our terms’ and I don’t think it’s going to be €20m a year as it has been reported in Germany.”

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