Rangers is a bigger club than Chelsea, claims pundit

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Scottish club Rangers is a bigger club than Chelsea, claims Rangers legend Ally McCoist.

McCoist made the bold claim while responding to Jamie O’Hara’s comment that managing Bournemouth is bigger a job than Rangers.

McCoist told talkSPORT: “I’m all for everyone having an opinion… unless it’s Jamie O’Hara talking about Rangers and Bournemouth!

“Have you ever heard anything as ridiculous as your life, as the Billericay Town manager trying to work out who the biggest club is between Rangers and Bournemouth?

“I sent him a message and he’s not got back to me, it was a bizarre statement to be making.

“He’s talking a load of nonsense! Nonsense! Absolutely no chance, there’s no way on this planet. The Rangers job is far bigger!”

“Leeds or Rangers? Rangers,” said the former Ibrox player and manager.

“West Ham or Rangers? Rangers.

“Newcastle or Rangers? Rangers.

“Everton or Rangers? Rangers, but you’re closer now…

“Tottenham or Rangers? Rangers.

“Arsenal or Rangers? Erm… there’s a good one. Rangers.

“Chelsea or Rangers? Oh I do like Chelsea, but I’m still going Rangers.

“There’s only three or four – Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool, clubs like that,” he added.

“The only thing between these clubs and Rangers and Celtic in finances. If Rangers and Celtic played in the top flight in England within five years you’ll have a top eight instead of top six, it’s a simple as that. It’s just money that’s holding to Old Firm clubs back.”

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  1. Charles pitkeathly | August 6, 2020 at 8:37 am |

    I have to agree with ally McCoist rangers and celtic are probably 2 of the biggest clubs in the.uk on the same par has man u Liverpool man City its only financel between them put them on the same level financially and in the same league the old firm would be in the top 6

  2. Kevin Mc Ilhinney | August 6, 2020 at 3:01 pm |

    Agree with Ally, man UTD, Liverpool, arsenal, are I’d say bigger than Celtic and rangers.

  3. Mccoist will say anything to get his fat head in the news.

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