Revealed: What Jose Mourinho privately told Tottenham Hotspur players about Frank Lampard

Photo: Chelsea FC

Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho named Chelsea manager Frank Lampard as the best professional he’s ever worked with during Spurs’ new ‘All or Nothing’ documentary on Amazon Prime.

Mourinho made the remark about Lampard during a private conversation with Christian Eriksen before Chelsea’s 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur in December.

Lampard was one of Mourinho’s key players during the Portuguese’s time as Chelsea boss and the pair helped the club win two Premier League titles, the FA Cup and two League Cup trophies.

During a scene where Mourinho was watching Lampard’s press conference with Spurs’ players, Eriksen asked the Tottenham manager: “Good guy?”

Mourinho replied: “Frank? Yeah.”

Mourinho then added: “Professional as a player. The best I’ve ever seen.”

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