3 tactical errors Lampard made against Liverpool

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For every game, there is usually the positive to take from it and of course the negatives. But when the negative outweighs the positive, then it means a lot needs to be changed.

The opening day victory against Brighton was a pointer that the Chelsea team isn’t fully geared for the new season, and the 2-0 to Liverpool only exposed a hidden truth.

There where quite a number of positives to take from the defeat nevertheless, such as Reece James being a beast at right-back, Kurt Zouma is looking the part in defence, N’Golo Kante is getting back form, Timo Werner is a class act and Mason Mount will definitely be a top player for Chelsea.

On the tactical side of the game, these are three areas we believe Chelsea manager Frank Lampard got it wrong.

Kai Havertz position

The decision to start Kai Havertz as a false nine was definitely flawed. The German is clearly yet to settle in the team and he’s not used to the intensity of the Premier League, so playing him as a false nine wasn’t a smart decision by the manager.

We have even seen our former superstar Eden Hazard struggle in this role, just to show how demanding it is to to play as a false nine especially when your team is sitting deep.

Starting lineup

Not to be an egoistic critic, but I believe the gaffer got his starting lineup for this game wrong. Starting Kai Havertz as a false nine wasn’t a wise decision, and the team’s lack of pace was always going to be an issue, with Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic unavailable.

As I pointed out in my probable best line-up for the game, Chelsea needed pace, and it would have been a better gamble to start Callum Hudson-Odoi from wide than play Kai Havertz upfront.

If the gaffer doesn’t think Hudson-Odoi would have had a good game, then playing with a focal point in Tammy Abraham or Olivier Giroud, with Timo Werner out left, would have given the team a better shape.

Late reaction

The game seemed done and dusted when Andreas Christensen made the error of fouling Sadio Mane and Chelsea didn’t seem mentally prepared to play with a man less.

Following Mane’s quick succession of goals shortly after the restart, the game seemed over, but there was still a glimmer of hope. However, the gaffer failed to react tactically until the 79th minute. The introduction of Tammy Abraham upfront brought a focal presence and additional support to Timo Werner who seemed to be trying all alone. Tammy was even close to getting a goal in that game. I was expecting the manager to have made that sub at most between 65-70 minutes. Leaving it until almost 80 minutes of play, was just too late.

What do you think about the game and the tactical decisions made by the manager?

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10 Comments on "3 tactical errors Lampard made against Liverpool"

  1. Firstly, it was a tactical mess from the manager Frank Lampard. Again, playing Alonso, Jorginho and Kepa in that match was a big mistake from Lampard i believe and I suggest Frank Lampard should work on himself tactically as well because to me,Lampard is beginning to look like an average coach with the way he’s going about Chelseafc business. We all know the culture in Chelseafc we’re Chelsea we’re not use to this type of games Lampard is playing pls.

  2. Bernard Ndukwe | September 22, 2020 at 12:42 am |

    Frank Lampard is doing more harm than good to his team and players I believe as a coach every player in the team is there to play for you,as a coach how can you prefer some players even if they are not playing well otherwise how can Lampard explain froozing out Fikayo out of the squad even planning to send him out on loan and keep on playing Christensen who is the weakest link in the central defence who has zero speed. With his type of selection and the type of money spent this season the door is very open if he didn’t take proper care he will use the door soon. He doesn’t think about formation for a match before his selection because if did why selecting RLC in the first game leaving Ross out?. This Liverpool game why start Harvertz instead of Odoi and Gorgenoh instead of Ross I bet if you continue like this you kill the morals of all the new young players and your end is near.

  3. I fully agree with this write up,the changes would have come earlier than Lampard did,and I expected giroud introduced in the game than Harvard.

  4. Lampard always made errors, hence, too inexperience a manager for Chelsea. Thus, he always relies on individual performance rather than his tactical play! Players are way too far from motivated, whenever players loss their rhythm in the game nothing brings them back!

  5. Lampard got it all wrong tactical as I always say a manager like Lampard can’t coach Chelsea because this is not a championship that the coaching styles there would have to be adopted here in the EPL. We’re talking of world class players playing against each other with Managers who are clever and tactically dusted. You may have all the qualities in your team but if you don’t use them wisely it might be useless. I don’t even understand why Kante wasn’t placed at the middle, while Kovacic will play along side and Kai also along the other side which is perfect. Lampard is making the same mistake as Sari by playing Jorginho in the central midfield who lack the strength to wind the balls unlike Kante, we all saw Kante his first season at Chelsea where Anthonio Konte used him perfectly and we claim the league that season. Let’s move to attacking where we can put Werner at the left, Giroud in the middle and Mason Mount or Odoi on the right that’s all we would have had a chance if Lampard was able to do this. Talking of defense I had no problem with that at all because if your midfield is good and the attacking is sharp your opponent won’t get the chance to penetrate much so the game is gonna be 50/50. I must say if Chelsea wants to be a team where it’s opponents will begin to shiver when coming against them because they have all the qualities then unless the coaching styles of Lampard is being improved or else we’ve got everything to loose. Thanks.

  6. I agree with you guys. I just can’t understand our coach! Heyyyy!!!! Frank a you more than confused?! Is it the huge amount you spent on a player that makes you to deploy him in the field even if he is not delivering what is required??? Why Kai surely in a game against LVP??? Why too late reaction Lampard?!!! I respected u as a player. But I think the role of coaching Chelsea is just beyond you than playing for Chelsea!
    Pochetinho where a you please? We are sinking!!!!

  7. I think tactically Lampard is bankrupt.He gets his selection wrong n his substitution is either late or wrong.Who doesn’t know Giroud was needed in this game especially at the time the team was down by a player to pick the long and air balls for Werner to capitalise on…and Lamp will definitely blame the defeat on the red card whiles other coaches react so well to red cards.Lets ask ourselves, what system is the team playing now?With Lamp, the winning mentality and the fighting spirit is going down.No plan B and partiality in player selection is killing us.Lamp goes or he ups his game

  8. Joseph gatonye | September 22, 2020 at 10:14 am |

    Very true

  9. Lampard should have used Giroud instead of Kai in centre forward

  10. This article is very true, Lampards decisions make Chelsea extremely vulnerable, late substitutions,inability to quickly read the opponent’s tactics, fielding players out of their natural positions, Gorginho can’t manage a game where we are pressed in our own half, Loftus cheek plays best as a holding midfielder, 4231 should be our best tactic with Harvetz as a natural no 10. Lampard should improve tactically in reading the opponent’s game & that’s the biggest problem with Lampard

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