Chelsea player tells Lampard he wants to leave

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With the transfer window deadline approaching, expect some departures at Chelsea after the club spent over £200million on new signings.

The future of goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga is more uncertain than ever following the arrival of Edouard Mendy from Rennes.

Kepa was dropped for Saturday’s draw at West Brom with Willy Caballero preferred, and he now appears to be third choice for Frank Lampard.

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According to Spanish media outlet Diario AS, Kepa wants to leave Chelsea and is reportedly eyeing a return to Spain.

Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has previously refused to rule out Kepa leaving Chelsea on loan.

Asked about Kepa leaving Chelsea on loan following the arrival of Mendy, Lampard said: “There’s no clarity on that one yet about what will happen and I’m not going to speak about the maybes or what might happen in the future.”

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  1. Lampard should work on the defense not that kepa is all that bad,he was on post when they won last two cups.lastweek capalero coceeded three goals,if it’s kepa people will blame him.

  2. Lampard should be blamed for the keeper poor performance, their defense is not good, last week capalero conceded three goals if it’s kepa they’ll blame him for poor performance.let wait and the magic Mendy is going to perform.kepa has some quality that Mendy don’t have and likewise Mendy has which kepa has not.let lampard work on the defense rather apotion blame on keeper.

  3. Isaac Aboagye | September 28, 2020 at 10:34 pm |

    Infact i feel worried when chelsea is performing badly.i think Lampard shd improve his tactice and position the players bcoz we have to fight for every title this season.

  4. Poor inexperienced coach will definitely cost us a trophy this season. Of all the coaches out there, Chelsea only settled for poor inexperienced Lampard. What a shame.

  5. Kepa is such a world class player who has to be maintained in the team, the keeper trainer is also a key to poor performance of our keepers, look at the case of ’courtois’ see his performance now, so I think we also need to change our keepers trainer

  6. The things fans don’t get to see: the reason for the costly mistake is simply tactics or lack of it from the gaffer.amongst his midfielders none is comfortable with holding balls as Mikel,essien most time the expected off the ball runs are not there to make it easy to pass the ball.he sets them up to attack,yet likes slow build ups,kicking the balls side to side,without going direct. Why did you get a fast player in timo if you don’t want to go direct.thirdly, he has victor Moses to use in place of James, who most of the time ,plays balls backward, when he’s in offensive situation, victor will run at defenders, put any defence under pressure, and the attack be free to operate,instead he wants to loan him,look at what lamptey is doing now,unlike Robertson of Liverpool, we don’t have a leftwing that can run at defence and crosses,while able to defend properly. Lampard is the cause. He’s confused period!

    • You’re spot on! These are some of the faults fans do not understand and only to turn on Kepa. It’s a crazy situation at Chelsea currently.

  7. I think we can have all it takes to analyse the issues confronting Kepa but the fact remain that, Kepa does noes help himself most times. As a professional, you must go ahead of criticism than allowed loop holes all the time. He looks disturbed over what people may say and at the end, he do himself. Look at the senior goal keeper, he also showed that zeal to tell all ears that he is still important in the post but unlike Kepa who always afraid on what spectators will say. Yes, he is still young, he may go on loan to rediscover himself and come back. Over £75m is not a joke and more bad if there was no result for such investment. My main concern are Alonso, James, James was jot for Chelsea under all ramifications, he is so clumsy and instead of taken the ball upfront, he return ball back and destabilise the good intention of the midfielder amd the attackers, i dont know what Lampard see in him, the yiung lad did not even learn from his captain. Zouma and Rudigier should please excuse, they have over stay their value and as such, good to get them offloaded. My opinion…

    • Let our defense be stronger than it is now. Nothing else worth too much struggle bcoz Kepa could have minimal mistakes….. I don’t blame Keppa but he just need to improve a little bit…..

  8. Lampard is fooling himself by only choosing to play his England counterparts, where is Pulisic for instance bcoz he complains of most of them having injuries 😂😂😂 LoL. Does Lampard have the first team to even talk about, he keeps on changing them like clothes for party 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒…. OMG….! WHY DID CONTE GO Leaving us with this crap😂😂😂😂

  9. Well I think kepa should learn from his mistake instead of looking for a way out of the club.

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