REVEALED: Why Abramovich spent over £200million on transfers this summer

Despite the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Chelsea have spent over £200million on new signings this summer.

According to Gary Neville, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been happy to back Chelsea boss Frank Lampard in the transfer market due to Chelsea’s exciting football under Lampard.

“Chelsea’s interesting because Roman Abramovich has wanted for 15 years a flamboyant team,” Neville explained on Sky Sports.

“But every time he’s gone for the flamboyant managers to try and get the flamboyant team, he’s been pulled back to that more methodical type of approach that’s been successful for the club.

“I think this year he’s probably investing, partly because of Covid and he sees an opportunity to exploit the market, but I think because what Frank Lampard has done has invigorated him.

“The academy players finally coming through, the emergence of Christian Pulisic and other young players, a team that plays a different way, that’s more energetic and really good to watch.

“More inconsistent, less reliable, you always get that when you are trying to go with younger players and a different style, but I think that’s what he wants.

“He wants excitement, he wants thrill around Chelsea and that’s why he’s invested this summer, to go again at this moment because he sees a team that’s got something he’s always wanted.”

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  1. Twaha lubuulwa | September 11, 2020 at 5:37 pm |

    That’s awesome for the manager to vet out of what he expects of good players that will fit in his style of the game aimed at winning consistently. Abromovich, Lampard you can do it.

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