Lampard names two reasons why Chelsea failed to beat Tottenham Hotspur

Photo: AP

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has named two reasons why the game against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday ended in a goalless draw.

According to Lampard, Chelsea failed to get the win against Tottenham Hotspur due to their defensive tactics and Chelsea’s inability to create magic in Tottenham’s box.

Lampard said: “It’s clear that Tottenham, when they play against this type of game they try to adapt the style of being organised and counter attack.

“The manager sets that tone. They have great players in those areas to play in that way. Kane and Son we know about.

“We were at home, we wanted to control the game, we did.

“We could have had a bit more magic or something drop for us at the top of the pitch, there was only really one team for the majority of the game who was searching and that was us.

“We have been playing pretty well and we wanted to win. In the end we didn’t quite have enough at the top end to do that.”

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