Chelsea fans will love what Michael Owen said about our London rivals Arsenal

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Former Manchester United and Liverpool striker Michael Owen has labelled Chelsea’s London rivals as just an average team.

Owen told Premier League Productions: “I think Arsenal are probably 10 or 20 per cent worse than what we collectively think.

“Their badge carries them. Their stadium and their support and the legends that have played for them carry them.

“So we all think — when I think of Arsenal, I think title challengers. It’s just what I’ve been brought up with, it’s what I naturally think.

“Arsenal are a huge club, so I’ve naturally got an opinion and our generation has an opinion way above what they actually are.

“They’re average. They’re ninth in the league, aren’t they? So an average Premier League team.

“We haven’t played five games this season… 15 years they’ve been an okay team but okay is just not enough, certainly not enough from the teams I grew up watching.

“They’ve had gluts of years where they were unbelievable title-winning teams. Every year they would be up there and you’d think, ‘Wow, we’ve got to beat Arsenal.’

“Now you look at fixtures and look at the last 10 fixtures of someone, if you see Arsenal, secretly you just think that’s not that hard a game anymore.

“They’re just an average Premier League team at the moment. That’s what the league says, hard for Arsenal fans to stomach that, but that’s what they are and Arteta has got a huge job.”

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