West Ham boss backs the creation of the British Super League

Photo: Getty Images

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West Ham boss David Moyes wants a British Super League with Scottish clubs joining England.

He said: “I think reform is needed. I think the Premier League has a brilliant product, I really do, but you hear the top clubs talking about too many games, so could we have Premier League One and Premier League Two?

“Could we have a situation where we invite Rangers and Celtic to Premier League Two? Why can we not unite the UK?

“Why do we have to be England and Scotland and not unite it? Why can it not be a pyramid that allows teams in the Scottish leagues to get into Premier League Two?

“In fact I think actually more money would filter down if Rangers and Celtic could be given an opportunity to come in. We are in Brexit now, we have our country, so why not? Rangers and Celtic would only enhance what is happening in England.”

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