Ex-Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas clash with ex-Liverpool striker Michael Owen over goals and assists

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Ex-Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas got into a row with Michael Owen on Twitter after the ex-Liverpool striker claimed scoring can’t be measured the same as assisting as it’s far harder.

Owen started the debate by tweeting: “People are genuinely giving as much credit to a player’s number of assists as they do to the number of goals nowadays.

“Literally one in 10 goals are genuine assists yet someone who plays a five-yard ball to his mate who screams one in the top corner from 30 yards gets as much credit.”

A Twitter user wrote back saying that assists and goals can both be ‘brilliant’ while some ‘require virtually no skill or effort’.

In response, Owen wrote: “Agreed, but my point is that in general it’s far harder to score goals than assist them yet we are starting to measure them as equal which is bs.”

Fabregas, the pass master and king of assists, took exception to Owen’s view and responded: “I don’t completely agree there Michael.

“Making and creating can be sometimes twice as hard than making a run or scoring a goal.

“Don’t underestimate the little time or space we have in midfield to take the best decision for you guys, plus the imagination and creativity we should have to find you.”

Fabregas, who currently plays for Monaco in the French league, has scored 124 goals and registered 206 assists.

Meanwhile, Owen who retired from football back in 2013, finished his career with 223 goals and 52 assists from 483 games.

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