Premier League to hold talks with Chelsea over punishment for European Super League

According to Sky Sports, Chelsea and the rest of the big six will hold talks with the Premier League next week over punishment for their involvement in the European Super League.

The Premier League is reportedly debating penalties ranging from a single one-off fine to a smaller immediate fine combined with a share of next season’s broadcast income.

An initial proposal from the Premier League made earlier this month is said to have comprised a £15m fine per club and a substantial points deduction.

However Chelsea and the other clubs involved are expected to vigorously oppose any such attempt.

Another proposed punishment is to fine clubs £1million immediately and five per cent share of next season’s Premier League income – the same model agreed by European football’s governing body with the rebel clubs.

The fines from all six clubs could total £40million, however, it is unclear whether the financial penalties imposed will simply be redistributed among the other 14 top-flight clubs.

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