Tuchel: Why Chelsea’s game against Leicester City on Tuesday night isn’t a must win at all costs

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Liverpool are now just one point behind Chelsea after their 2-1 win at West Brom.

Chelsea’s Premier League game against Leicester City on Tuesday night has been deemed as a win at all costs but Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel doesn’t see it that way.

According to Tuchel, it isn’t a win at all cost game because it isn’t a matter of life and death.

Asked whether tomorrow’s encounter with Leicester is a game Chelsea must win ‘at all costs’, Tuchel replied: “That didn’t make things boring in the Premier League, that late goal from Alisson. That’s for sure.

“But I don’t like ‘at all costs’ because ‘at all costs’ means ‘at all costs’ and that’s not what we do. We want to win games, we’re in sports. It’s not about life and death but it’s super important for our ambitions.

“Of course the situation is very clear. It’s still in our hands, this is absolutely positive and what we worked hard for. We should not forget that and we approach the game more or less like any other game.

“The more attention that is on it the more normal approach we use because there is a lot surrounding it, there’s a lot of talks and a lot of ‘what happens if’ so the best thing is to stay focussed on what you can influence.

“This is our performance and so we approach this game like any other game, with a clear will and desire to win.”

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