Did Manchester City deserve to beat Chelsea? Here’s what Thomas Tuchel said

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Chelsea lost 1-0 to Manchester City at Stamford Bridge, our first defeat of the season in all competitions.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admitted after the game that Manchester City deserved to beat Chelsea.

“We lost the game and City deserved to win,” Tuchel said.

“For 60 minutes, until the goal, we were very strong in the last [defensive] 20 metres of the field but only there unfortunately. The other 80 metres, we were not good enough.

“We were never on our highest level. You cannot expect to get a result. It could turn around maybe with one header but we have to accept it was not our best game.

“We did not have ball possession to hurt them, to grow in confidence. It never happened in the first half or the second half. Until the goal, we defended the box very well but the performance was not complex enough.

“We were not on our very best level and you need the best level to push the game against this side.”

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