“It’s hard to get any joy when playing against Chelsea” – Pundit reveals why Chelsea is difficult to play against

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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has admitted Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea are difficult to play against.

Souness told The Times: “If you’re playing against Chelsea it’s hard to see where you’ll get joy. They can take you on in a football match or stand up to you physically.

“They have strength in the middle and on the flanks and now carry a real goal threat – which they lacked last season – after signing Romelu Lukaku.

“Like all the best teams, Chelsea have a plan B. If circumstances conspire against them, they can change their strategy.

“How well did they do that after going down to ten men away to Liverpool? Sometimes, for whatever reason, an obvious one being a red card, you have to adapt and plan B comes out, and they applied it perfectly.”

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