Romelu Lukaku or Harry Kane? Thomas Tuchel reveals striker he would prefer to face as a defender

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel played in the German second and third tiers as a sweeper defender during his playing days before injury forced him into a premature retirement.

Tuchel has joked he would have left defending against Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane to others if he had to face either of the star strike duo.

Lukaku and Kane go head-to-head as Chelsea face Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Asked which one he would prefer to face, Tuchel said: “In my times defending I was a sweeper, so I played ten metres behind the real defenders so they did the dirty work.

“In that time I was the guy to push them into [going] against Romelu and once the ball is free, I would come and steal it and get all the applause from the public which was not around because there was not a lot of people watching the games where I played.

“Harry Kane drops a lot to a number ten position and I would have liked it because I could have given the job to the number sixes and the midfielders.

“That was not my league, that was not my league. They would have gone past me easily so it’s good that other guys do this.”

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