Stats show Romelu Lukaku is a better striker than Harry Kane

Ahead of Sunday’s Premier League game between Chelsea and Tottenham, there has been a debate over who is the better striker between Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane.

Both strikers are 28 years old and are among the best in the world but who’s really better between the two?

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku is the better striker as he has scored more career goals and also won more trophies than Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Lukaku has 323 career goals for club and country compared to Kane’s 280. Lukaku has scored more headed goals (60 to Kane’s 51) and also more goals from his weaker foot (85 to Kane’s 52).

It’s also interesting to note only 29 of Lukaku’s goals have been penalties compared to Kane has 43 goals from penalties.

Kane is also yet to win any trophy in his career while Lukaku has won the Italian Serie A with Inter Milan and Belgium league with Anderlecht.

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