“This is what we have to do” – Juventus captain reveals how he intends to stop Romelu Lukaku from scoring against Juventus

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Romelu Lukaku scored 30 goals in 44 games for Inter last season in a Serie A-winning season and has scored 4 goals already for the Blues this season.

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini played against Lukaku during the striker’s time at Inter Milan and has revealed how he intends to stop Lukaku from having a good game against Juventus.

“Maybe it’s a little bit diminishing to only talk about me and Lukaku,” Chiellini said.

“We would be fortunate enough if we play a balanced game without conceding too many spaces to their midfielders and forward.

“In those situations it is difficult to mark them, we have to be extremely careful not to create those situations that can let them express their quality.

“Lukaku is on top, he is a new signing that Chelsea have paid a lot for. He’s not there by chance.”

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