Thomas Tuchel resonds to Van Gaal’s comments about Chelsea’s style of play

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed he was delighted after he watched a footage of Netherlands boss Louis van Gaal defending Chelsea’s style of play after a Dutch journalist branded Chelsea’s style under Tuchel as defensive.

Reacting to Van Gaal’s praise, Tuchel told Sky Sports: “Somebody sent that to me. It was a pleasure to play against him as a very young coach in Germany when he was coach from Bayern Munich and he has this kind of brutal honesty when you talk to him or when he goes to the press conference, which is what I really love.

“He has really the balls to speak it out, what he thinks. Sometimes it’s not to his advantage, but I think right now, it’s nice to hear him talk about football.

“He has a certain age. He has a huge experience. He has influenced football in general with all his clubs, all his teams on such a high level.

“Not just because he defended me in person, which was nice, of course, but in general, he is not afraid to speak out.

“Sometimes I or other colleagues maybe think ‘let’s don’t speak it out’ because we’d just create trouble and we want to protect a calm atmosphere… But he’s a nice guy, I like him.”

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