“I’m coming to take your place in the top four” – Premier League manager sends warning to Chelsea

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West Ham boss David Moyes has sent a warning to the top four teams that his West Ham side want to challenge for a top four finish.

Moyes, whose men finished just two points off the top four last season, has re-shaped his Hammers side into one of the Premier League ’s toughest teams to beat.

“I’d like to say that I’m going to challenge the top four,” Moyes said.

“I don’t want to sit back and think that they believe that we are not going to come at them.

“It makes me think: ‘Well, you’re challenging me a little bit here, you know?’

“All the bookies and anyone who knows about football will probably say that will be the case, the top four now will be the top four.

“But I take that as: ‘No, I want to try and be competitive against them.”

He added: “I’m going into those bigger games against the likes of Manchester United with a far different mindset.

“I’m going in saying: ‘I’m taking you on. Maybe we can’t get as much of the ball because you’re too good.

“But don’t think I’m going to get into those games thinking that we’re not going to try to take you on.’

“We lost Declan Rice in an England game with five games to go last season and it was absolutely huge for us. We still did well in those remaining games.

“As it was, Chelsea finished fourth – two points ahead of us – and they went on to win the Champions League themselves. So it gives you an idea of where we were competing.”

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