Paul Merson explains why Newcastle United shouldn’t appoint former Chelsea manager

Paul Merson believes former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard isn’t the right manager for Newcastle United because he doesn’t have a good record in the transfer market.

Lampard was prevented from spending in his first season as Chelsea boss due to a transfer embargo on the Blues before spending big in his second season in charge of the Blues.

However, Lampard struggled to build a cohesive team around his expensive recruits and Merson believes Newcastle would be better off hiring a manager who has shown to be a shrewd operator in the market.

Merson told Sky Sports: “If they went and signed Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane tomorrow, not a lot would change. They’re not going to start winning football matches because they can’t defend, and the midfield don’t create much. It doesn’t matter who is up front!

“You have to start from the back, make them solid, but Newcastle fans want entertaining football.

“Frank Lampard did brilliantly at Chelsea, and brought the kids through. He had a major part to play in the success they’ve had since he left. He gave youth a chance, but all of a sudden, when he had to go and sign £70m players, it was a different story.

“It needs to be intelligent signings, not just gung-ho. With Manchester City’s success, there was a lot of good scouting along the way. It was not always a case of: ‘Buy him, buy him and him.’

“The manager will play a big part in what players want to sign for Newcastle, because nowadays, everybody pays the big money for players. It’s a level playing field.”

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