Tuchel reveals what teams are doing now when they play against Chelsea

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel believes that in the wake of our success at the end of last season, and our good results at the beginning of this one, opposition sides are preparing differently and more carefully for facing us.

Whereas previously they would arrive with a plan for how to beat us, they are now more concerned with stopping our method of play first and foremost.

“I saw Zenit St Petersburg play a back-five for the first time in the last 200 matches of theirs that we watched,” Tuchel told Chelsea’s official website.

“I saw Aston Villa play a back-five against us and they had not played a back-five before.

“It is on us to find answers and we’re in the middle of the process. Teams are looking also for solutions to close down Romelu and to bring him into spaces where he does not feel so comfortable.

“We are on it and there’s always a solution with a positive approach. The solution is to try to play free no matter what, and don’t think too much about what we have to lose.”

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