Tuchel surprised Chelsea fans think Chelsea lost to Juventus because Chelsea player didn’t play

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Chelsea fans believe Mason Mount was missed in the defeats to Manchester City and Juventus after he sustained an injury in the Aston Villa Carabao Cup victory.

When asked if Chelsea had missed Mount, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said: “We need to be careful.

“We took him out at half-time against Tottenham because he had a rough half, and everyone was talking about us being good in the second half when he wasn’t on the pitch. Suddenly he’s missing and now he’s the one.

“It’s not on single players. Of course we want to have Mason, and we know the energy he gives, and of course we miss him, but we cannot start reducing our performances to the players who are missing.

“Do we miss NG [Kante]? Of course. Do we miss Reece James? Of course. And still there would be a selection to make because we can only start with 11 players.

“Do we miss Christian Pulisic? Of course we miss his sprints and intensity. But we have a squad, and we have the duty to find solutions.”

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