Jody Morris names Chelsea star not appreciated by Chelsea fans

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Jody Morris, former Chelsea assistant under Frank Lampard, believes Mason Mount isn’t appreciated enough by Chelsea fans.

“It helped ‘Mase’ having a good mum and dad, who committed to not only him being a good player but being a good kid,” Morris told The Times.

“Mason was always hungry. He’s a thinking player. When you give him something tactically, you’d never have to repeat it with him. It’s why all the managers love having him in the team.

“I don’t think Mase is properly appreciated. With people that understand football he’s properly appreciated but I do read nonsense about him.

“He’s never been 100 per cent brilliant in every game but he knows it and works on it.

“I remember having meetings with him after he hadn’t played great and he’d tell me what he hadn’t done right. I’d say, ‘So what are you going do about it?’ He knew. ‘I’ve watched it back already,’ he’d say.”

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